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In Topic: Remaking an old game - Ethical?

20 November 2012 - 04:26 PM

no, i think this is fine as long as the game is old enough. As an example, look up to the moon on steam. Its a remake of horizons from the 80s

In Topic: Create an operating system

28 October 2012 - 10:25 AM

can u people quit discussing os development. All i want is something to create an inmteractive program. If coding is needed, I would prefer python or java and btw, whats svg

In Topic: Create an operating system

27 October 2012 - 04:26 PM

To demonstrate what Washu is talking about, a correct example of what I was trying to demonstrate earlier would be more like this::

[source lang="cpp"]void _writeText( const char* str ) { int index = 0x00; char* pstr = (char *)str; unsigned short *vidMem = (unsigned short *)0xB8000; for( ; *pstr; ++pstr, ++index ) { unsigned char c = *pstr; vidMem[index] = (unsigned short) c | 0x0700; }}[/source]

Sorry for screwing this up multiple times trying to make a simple point lol... Like I said, it's been years and I can't copy code from any of my projects verbatim because there's a lot of code, headers, macros and functions used in numerous files and it wouldn't make sense without posting it all (overkill for such a small, contrived example). So I just have to either try to strike up examples from memory or write a new, simplified version; as it so happened I did that wrong, lol... Posted Image

Hopefully this time I did the demonstration correctly haha

Guys, guys, guys. Calm down. I dont need this info (but thanks and you are some smart peeps) all i need to know is how to make a program that i could add buttons animations and interactive objects into so it will give the illusion of being an os. I need this to test usability, and help my ability in coding and other software. So far REAL studio seems like my best bet, any suggestions

In Topic: Create an operating system

27 October 2012 - 02:34 PM

It's much easier to make a program act as if it were a real operating system (to some sort) than an actual operating system(and a lot more bearable as well).

And I don't think your terminology of "virtual" to "real" operating systems makes sense.

An operating system running on a virtual machine is still a "real" operating system, as it would generally carry the same instructions that would be used otherwise on real hardware directly, rather than a program acting like a virtualized version of real hardware itself.

That's what I want to do, create a program that would act as an interface. And by virtual, I mean something like what people make in vbs and call an os

In Topic: Create an operating system

27 October 2012 - 08:11 AM

Perhaps I am off track, but from what I understood of the OP, is that he/she is wanting to know of some type of 'graphical' tools such as flash, to create the prototype. I dont think the OP is actually interested in 'coding' anything.
At least thats what I read into it. Although, I'm glad some good book titles were posted on the subject. I haven't done assm in a long long time, but reserch into writing a tiny os looks to be some interesting reading.

Pretty much. What I want to do is create a sort of program that would act like the os. Then build and build and build on that. Then maybe make a virtual os. Once I would get more people working, I would eventually build a linux window manager, then after years (but probly not) possibly maybe consider consider consider maybe wantin to consider to almost amybe feel like considering to want to make a full fledged os. What I want to know is what program to use to make this program, and tutorials for it.