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#4905949 Video Game Programming as a Hobby

Posted by compscialien on 24 January 2012 - 06:31 PM

wow so harsh here you did not even move them to the right place.

It's not the moderators' job to move your topics to the correct place, only to maintain that all threads and posts follow the rules of the boards, and to get rid of the threads and post if they don't, and the user as well if the need is there. It's your job to check that you are posting in the correct area to make sure you get a reply that a) you want and b) won't be moderated. Moderators are your friends, they keep the bad people away!


I've always loved video games, and wanted to program video games. I'm not looking to do it to make money, although I wouldn't be oppose to it. But money isn't the driving force. I just want to make a game that is enjoyable to play.

I do have some areas where I need some help in though. Graphics and sound. I'm not looking for any of the cutting edge ultra realistic graphics. What resources or where would I look for stuff like that.


Arukas, if you just want to hobby program with no intention of having cutting edge or special request art, try looking for Public Domain resources. In the "Music and Sounds" and "Visual Arts" boards they have a topic that lists many common sites. Those might be helpful for you.

#4904295 Debating on what type of game engine to use for android game. Need help

Posted by compscialien on 19 January 2012 - 09:33 AM

Try using Unity3D or use the Android API directly and write OpenGL and logic directly.

#4891697 Is any recursive function can be translated into its iterative form?

Posted by compscialien on 07 December 2011 - 10:04 PM

But at the same time, recursion is an important topic in computer programming. So the question is raised: "Why doesn't it return correct values?"

Personally, I'd start by testing the results of non-recursive functions to make sure those are operating correctly under all (or at least most) circumstances. This is where many would preach unit testing as a powerful tool in helping debug applications.

If it isn't a problem with functions in general, then perhaps a deeper analysis of your code would be required. Look at the algorithms that you're using for returning results. Without any information about the implementation, though, I cannot even fathom what could be going wrong there.

Finally, are you sure your function is correct? Is there a possible typo there? That could also easily be an issue.