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In Topic: Multi thread rendering engine

19 September 2016 - 05:08 AM

There are literally hundreds of possible architectures. I tried to implement a multithreaded engine and here's what I almost achieved (Almost because I had to stop it for working):

What I tried:

- Client creates render queues

- The engine compile renderqueus (read as: optimized sequence of GL commands)

- The render thread execute GL commands without any locking at all (it just need to lock when swapping the pointers to renderqueues.)


- Compiling commands has little overhead, I have pretty low level abstraction, maybe a higher level abstraction allow to generate

already optimized commands, but I can grant you that I had tons of troubles to get something simple like that correctly syncrhonized anyway


- Renderthread do not block main thread

- Mainthread do not block renderthread

- Reduced lag between input and visualization (seems counterintuitive, but yes using only 2 threads gives better responsiveness even if in theory you have to wait for the queue to be processed, in reality a queue is created almost always before the last queue has finished rendering)


I think a fully real multithreaded engine is possible but would require so much work to squize only few % performance improvement (And note most low-end machines just have 2 cores anyway) that is not worth, achieve something like my solution (3 years of trial and errors and preparation to just create a proof of concept) is already too much effort, and since everyone want to make his engine there's literally no more interest in custom engines anyway.

Wait I search for my thesis slides to give you idea:

here it is:


This is a really simple solution, not really multithreaded, but gives a nice boost in performance and is already much more complex than a single threaded engine.

In Topic: Notifying systems of component state change

19 September 2016 - 04:45 AM

You should look into Svelto ECS framework, it solves the problem by using a delegate stored in the component, the point is that delegates should be added by Systems and used by systems when Component is created so you don't have to serialize the event (serialization is usually the main stopper to having delegates in components). Carefully read blogposts of its author, there's a lot of deep though behind that framework and I still have to fully understand it, but starting right now to use it in my first game.

I wouldn't be suprised if all future ECS framworsk will inherit that feature from Svelto.

In Topic: Where was my mistake?

31 August 2016 - 06:57 AM

The kickstarter was a idea of him. I never thinked of royalty as a "I believe in it". Actually I would prefer myself to hire someone who don't ask for royalties, but that made me thinking about that. Most projects simply fail, people believing in them or not, If I need to make a living from gamedev I could not simply hope to get some royalties (also how do you check they do not cheat on giving royalties? are there tool to check real income of something?) some money in immediate is much better when you have to pay bills etc and you are already doing overtime programming.


In Topic: And Now Everyone Who Knows I Do Gamedev (Who's Not In Gamedev) Asks Me Wh...

31 August 2016 - 03:33 AM

I just don't like that game, everyone ask me do make  another PokemonGo.. sigh, I better go back develop websites

In Topic: Trying to make a complex, albeit fun cooking videogame

24 August 2016 - 05:20 AM

I would not go that way myself, if you want real cooking (wich is fun), you have to create a really complex application, or to script one by one each recipt as a interactive minigame (you could problably find many common code among each minigame but those are all separed). You for sure don't want to keep into account real chemistry, because you'll need massive computing power (however you can get inspiration for most commond results, like over heating brea in oven make it become burned).

Those games you mentioned are fun and most important are viable to program as games. They took significative elements from real cooking, but nothing more, though if you are determined you could make a game in your way and that would be fun, but I warn you that will be really hard and frustrating.

what kind of gameplay you are searching for?

- realistic simulation? basically a interactive video
- hard-core hand-eye coordination? cook what required in a certain time

- causal gaming? do recipes without any real challenge but the pleasure to see something created

- perfection? (swipe in a certain direction at a certain speed)
- economic? (buy upgrades and make income from selling food)

Personally I'm ultra bored by those cooking games, there are some different but mostly they are clones of each other. I hope you could really innovate the gender!:)