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Form Letters for Work

10 August 2014 - 02:15 PM

Hi Everybody,


I hope I'm posting on the correct forum here.  I work at a company that uses dozens of form letters for communicating with customers.  It's extremely archaic, and I'm hoping to make some updates to our methods.  Basically, we have letters in Microsoft Word 2010 that use inserted Field codes to prepare these letters.  Every time a user wants to complete a letter, they have to tab through an Add-In box that asks for their name, telephone number, hours at work, Mr/Ms/Mrs., recipient first name, recipient last name, etc.  If you typo in a box, you have to tab through every option, start from the beginning, and find where you made an error.  Also, when adjustments need to be made to letters, we have to manually go through every letter to apply changes.  As you can probably see from my description, I'm not too familiar with this process, but I've made several adjustments that have improved it to a degree.


What I'd like to do is have a regular word document (or excel sheet?) that the user can either mouse click or just tab through, and then the fields would feed into the actual form letter.  Something like this:


User name:


Start Time:

End Time:


Recipient First Name:

Recipient Last Name:


So on and so forth.  Of course, I'm open to other suggestions, but if anyone can make suggestions on how I can best set up a system for completing form letters I'd greatly appreciate.  One other issue in mind is that we have some older employees (50's through 70's) that are limited in their ability to utilize a computer and adapt to new methods. 


Thanks in advance!

- W

Program Concept Help Needed

06 January 2013 - 02:02 PM

My friend and I are planning on starting a Warhammer 40K campaign, and I thought it might present an opportunity for me to put my (limited) C++ skill to work.  However, I'm finding it much more difficult to get it started, and I figured I could bounce it off the community for suggestions, ideas, and advice.


Basically, I need the program to simulate the galaxy for us.  I started a program, but I'm not sure my design is capable of what I need it to do.  Here's what I have:


I want Main to start by creating the galaxy.  It will run through a 3 dimensional array and create Solar Systems.  Each Solar System will consist of 2 to 12 planets, and each planet will consist of 3 to 7 territories.  Subsequent uses of the program will allow us to pull specific locations on the galactic map, as well as run through each solar system to determine random events such as planetary catastrophes, invasions, etc.  


I figure I'll have at least these classes:

A Galaxy class that holds a three dimensional array of Solar Systems.

A Solar System class that holds whether the system has been discovered, number of planets, controlling race, and other undetermined details.

A Planet class that holds 3-7 territories, a controlling race, climate, environmental details, etc.

A Territory class that holds resources per turn, strategic bonuses, and controlling factions.


From a generalized standpoint, do you have any suggestions on how you would go about doing this?  Are there any specific programming practices that I'll need (for example: arrays are obvious, and classes, I can see inheritance being useful, but not necessary . . . ) ?  Is it efficient to have Galaxy holding a 3 dimensional array of Solar Systems (I'm particularly uncertain about the areas of the array that simply don't have a Solar System, wouldn't this setup be allotting memory for a Solar System even though it should be non-existent?)?  Or would it be better to have it hold a bool (true = a solar system exists, false = undiscovered area) and an int (the int would be an index so we know which solar system is there)?


Anyway, I don't want to make the post too long.  I appreciate any suggestions, and, at the very least, hopefully it will bring up some new ideas and challenges for me and like-leveled programmers.



To Start Anew?

11 December 2011 - 01:13 PM

Hello everyone,

New to the forums here. I've been self-teaching myself C++ for a little over a year now (off and on, unfortunately), and I thought it would be best to get involved in a community of some sort, mainly because I don't know anyone who actually programs. I'm mainly posting because I've run into a predicament that I thought some more experienced programmers could help with.

As I said, I'm self-taught to this point. I've been using Teach Yourself C++ in 21 days and C++ Without Fear, and I've covered variables, loops, some arrays and pointers, references, classes, and a little inheritance. I then programmed a text based game based on those old graphing calculator drug-running games from high school. The game was heavy on loops and arrays, and it actually worked for what I had programmed. However, I essentially stopped the project because I felt like I had learned what I wanted to learn.

Having no project in mind, I took a hiatus for a month or so. Lately I've been trying to get allegro or SFML to work in code:blocks, and I've had some horrible defeats recently. I'm finding that I have little to no knowledge of how directories work. I keep running into outdated tutorials, nondescript tutorials, or terminology I'm simply not familiar with. Directories, linkers, environment variables, libraries, so on and so forth. I'm not sure if this is a direct result of how I've approached programming, or it's simply unfamiliarity with Windows 7, or something totally different.

I have no grand intentions to program the next minecraft or angry birds. I actually really like the idea of starting a roguelike. I have also been kicking around a mix of Call of Duty Zombies, Dwarf Fortress, and Tower Defense. I don't even mind if the game is actually represented by graphics or ASCII characters. However, this block with Allegro and SFML has really stumped me even though it seems like it should be incredibly easy (seriously, I just want a window to open, that's it). So, I've been researching and putting in the sweat, and now I'm questioning whether I should switch languages to Python or C#. Any suggestions the community could offer with setting up a graphics library, how to approach the task of learning to program, whether switching to a new language is a good idea, tutorials on including libraries, etc would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,