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Drawing on different graphiccards

29 April 2013 - 08:21 AM

Hi there,


i'm currently working on a terrain renderer.

i ran into some performance issues on my laptops intergrated intel graphics card (where terrain is rendered without problems), so i switched to the also available ATI card (where the terrain geometry completely disappears).

Trying to debug my exe with gDebugger, the context tells me there are 61k triangles drawn, but i don't see any.


Shaders compile & link successfully.

The VBO (~460kb) & IBO (~57kb) on the card seem to be correct.


Posting Code here is difficult since the whole project is a bit larger.

(Link to Github Project: https://github.com/Cracky/XiyaGE/tree/master/src)


What else information should/can I provide, to help you, to help me ? ;)


Why does the geometry disappear / What can cause these problems / Why does the code work on intels card but not on ATIs ?