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Lemony Lime

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In Topic: Getting started with C++

24 May 2013 - 06:01 PM

I was thinking about choosing between Allegro and SFML... and from what I've heard, SFML has built in networking capabilities, so I think I'll go with it. Don't plan on doing that right off the bat of course, but for the future, it seems like it'll be handy... so I'd say SFML it is.

In Topic: Beginner Question About Game Design

14 December 2011 - 07:38 PM

Thanks for the links, I'm still having some trouble with it though. So, if anyone has a tutorial on this for python, please let me know.

In Topic: Bottom-Up Learning: Is it possible to learn quicker this way?

14 December 2011 - 01:56 AM

Well, when I first started learning, I just watched/read tutorials, and did exactly what they did, and learned nothing from it.

When I actually come up with a program I really needed, and tried to make it, I not only re-learned (it had been awhile) what the tutorials taught me, but also about 500x more within just a couple days. For me learning by doing was definitely the best method. That said, I had already read a lot in tuorials, so I started top-down, got a general feel for it, and then went to bottom-up. So, perhaps both might be best.