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Modular game world

12 December 2012 - 01:34 PM

I'm of the opinion each major game system in an mmo should be a complete, fun, and playable game unto it's self. Unfortunately, what usually happens is time or budget constraints forces developers to release incomplete systems.

What one were to develop an MMO by creating a series of modular components, smaller games that join together to create a larger game world. The basic frame work for these types of gaming systems is already established in most gaming hubs like Kongregate, where you have site points and usernames carried over from one game to the other. Those gamer profiles could easily be converted to include character data.

By releasing each major game system as it's own game across a variety of platform, you get the chance to fully flesh out each system so that it's fun to play. Plus it adds lots of early monetizations opportunities across lots of platforms and game genres, and if done right deveopment could potentially fund it's self. You'd attract a lot of niche players and allow them to focus on the style of play they like the best. Plus you could have several teams working on different games at once.

Do you guys think this if a feasible approach to take? Can you break up an MMO into smaller playable game?

For instance my broject breakdown is looking somethign like this

-prototype combat in pvp/pve arena game
-Pet system game, arena combat, breeding, training
-trading/crafting game
-dungeon exploration game
-Necromancy system, skeletal lego type of game
-magic/ritual systems

Each one building of the previous games, gradually becomming more interconnected until it achieves the cohesion of a game world.
Maybe each game has a couple of sequels to streamline gameplay.