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I'm Steve

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Azure Acres > Player Events and Entering Other Maps, changing once again. XNA

Posted 27 February 2012

[s]I have a bit of free time on the bus ride home at night and perhaps this is the best time to get some of the writing down. I did a fair bit of coding over the weekend. It's good to have the free time to do it. It's sometimes difficult working all day and bringing myself to the code that I want to do.

The main things that I got working was doors...

Azure Acres > Farming Game

Posted 18 December 2011

After switching from XNA to OpenGL (C++) to Android (OpenGL), to SDL and finally now to SDL OpengGL (c++) I am sticking to the guns and trying to actually code this game.

What's even funnier yet not as funny is the fact that between the first draft and adding to this I have switched to another game. Instead of the card game that I was working on in c++...