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League of Legends: Sorry, there was a blugsplat error. Me: *turns off league client* Leauge of Legends: Because you abandond queue, you have to wait 13 min to be back in the queue. Me: *rage/lost ELO points*
May 25 2012 03:56 AM

Did Facebook update again?
Feb 07 2012 03:48 PM

Sooner or later, your emotions will catch up with you and you will crack like a peanut under the pressure of an elephants foot. -A sweet girl from England
Feb 07 2012 06:38 AM

Question: What is your favorite Super Nintendo game? I'm bored and I need a game to play; I just finished Chrono Trigger for the 18th time.
Feb 06 2012 09:29 PM

Democracy is what you make of it.
Feb 06 2012 06:26 PM

So how was everyone's day? It must have been exciting for some reason because my Facebook isn't flooded with a lot of anything today.
Feb 05 2012 02:59 PM

Having a puppy is a great example of a love-hate relationship. One moment they're committing acts of chaos by ripping apart garbage and toilet paper, the next they're sleeping on the floor while using your sweater as a pillow.
Dec 31 2011 05:13 AM

I'm perfectly happy believing that when I die, I rot in the ground, and nothing else. Whats wrong with that? O.o
Dec 29 2011 04:37 PM

I wish for... a Chipotle free burrito card that never loses its value
Dec 27 2011 12:49 PM