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#5017563 Game programming help

Posted by on 04 January 2013 - 05:47 PM

I've been studying programming for some years, and I'm well versed in C++ and Java. I know the very basics of coding in OpenGL, whilst currently learning OpenGL ES 2.0, and had a few questions:

- Before programming a 3D world, I hear it's suggested to start off with 2D. Is it recommended to do so? And how much is it recommended?


- What parts of the game are to be coded first? (i.e; if it's a 3D game, the model loader? Or menus and getting them to work?)


- Is a mastery of an API necessary before using it? (i.e; Knowing most of it off the top of your head)


- And what is the best light linux IDE? I love Geany and I've yet to find something as conveniently packed with features whilst being this light.


Any knowledge on any of these topics would be appreciated.