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Issue Rotating Camera on the Xaxis Opengl

07 January 2012 - 09:52 PM

Ok ive started learning openGL over my holidays and wanted to test my knowledge before going on any further with my studies. So im currently at transformation and want to get to the bottom of this obstacle or feel comfortable enough to move on. What currently holding me up is that im trying to move a camera or control the orientation of an object using a reference frame instead of like using gluLookAt() or glRotate() or glTranslate(). The thing is i got everything to work except rotating on the xAxis. What is happening is that after rotating on yAxis and then you rotate on the x axis it continues to rotate on the original xAxis and not the one in which you have rotated to. So im wondering how do you change your vectors to the one that your facing using quaternions since thats the method im using to control my frames.