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Dukandia > Still Alive, Still Kicking, Better than ever, and the discussion continues

Posted 07 February 2014

During my absence Dukandia was put on hold, for several reasons, but the point is, Dukandia is still alive, and it is doing far better than it ever was before.

Language Change
While gone, Dukandia has changed languages, actually its changed languages several times. We have settled on c++, Java was limiting in power, and practicality, we then m...

Dukandia > Dukandia Update 2: Software and Hardware Changes

Posted 29 June 2012

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Hello and welcome,

This week on the Dukandia Dev Team, we have upgraded our engine to include a few features as well as started using a game library to further speed up the development process.


Dukandia > Dukandia Update: 1; A Checkup, Goals, and Some Information

Posted 19 June 2012

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This is a re-post from...

Dukandia > Dukandia - Small Check Up

Posted 15 June 2012

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Over the past few weeks Dukandia has been planned and a few decisions have been made. The first one is that we will stay with Java, this decision was made final. Final planning is finished, however we have decided to not make these...

Dukandia > Java vs C++

Posted 04 June 2012

Right so let us redo this. Java and C++ are very similar in syntax but what really makes them different? I will go over some of the differences in as much detail as I am aware, I will then ask that you post your opinion of what language would be best for a computer game. The results of your opinions, my team's opinions, and the information...