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Vasenkov Vasenkovich

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Contra Mario - Combination of Epics

03 January 2012 - 09:51 AM

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Name: Contra Mario - Combination of Epics
Platform: PC
Release Date: February 2012
Story: After another failure Bowser decided to take a break a little bit longer. After accumulating forces, he again began the attack. But this time, he comes and he did not kidnap the princess.
His arms became more technological, but scientists Mushroom Kingdom, doing what got to do. So at this time Mario goes on a journey with multiple gun and a pair of implants.
But is it so simple?
Posted Image
Posted Image

Actual Gameplay Video:

Demo-Version will be at 7-10 January
Features of Demo:

-First level + boss
-5 types of weapon: Default, Machine Gun(M), Flame(F), Shotgun(S), Laser(L).
-3 type of enemies: Goomba on Koopa, Ground Turret, Rotatable Turret
-Pipe passages, riding on wire ropes
-Coin system - 100 coins=1 life
-Gamepad support
-some other things.

Sorry for poor English - I'm from Belarus.