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In Topic: Spotlight Shadow Mapping Issue, please help =)

25 January 2012 - 01:48 AM

I think I have it figured out. I will post more soon if I get it working. That way, if others have problems with omni-directional shadow maps, or spot lights in general, it will hopefully help them. =)

EDIT : It works now! =D

Attached File  SM_error_fixed_0.png   122.53KB   39 downloads

Basically, the problem was pretty isolated to a trigonometry problem, which was good. But, it was a silly mistake and I guess being over tired and rushing, I wasn't even thinking. The following code (and previous samples) are working for a basic spot-light effect with shadow mapping in XNA. There still needs to be changes to include range-distance decay, and obviously the code can be optimized and condensed, but it's a good starter point. =)

Code changes :

(1) Added m_fInnerConeCos and m_fOuterConeCos variables, which are calculated whenever m_fOuterConeAngle and m_fInnerConeAngle change. I simply find m_fOuterConeAngle and m_fInnerConeAngle normalized values easier to type in for an editor and visualize, but the shader needs the new variables.

// Angle between light direction and cone edge.
// Normalized between 0 and 1 for half-cone angle, where 0 is no angle and 1 is 90 degrees (full 180 spot-light).
private float m_fInnerConeAngle = 0.0f;
private float m_fOuterConeAngle = 0.0f;

private float m_fInnerConeCos = 0.0f; // Cached value. To compare to a dot product value in a spot light shader.
private float m_fOuterConeCos = 0.0f;

new variables are calculated like so, if/whenever the cone's change, on the CPU in XNA:

m_fOuterConeCos = (float)Math.Cos(m_fOuterConeAngle * (float)MathHelper.PiOver2);
m_fInnerConeCos = (float)Math.Cos(m_fInnerConeAngle * (float)MathHelper.PiOver2);

These are given to the shader, which calculates the lighting shown in the first post, in replacement of the original inner-outer values.

(2) Changes to the HLSL Effect shader - For calculating the lit-shadowed areas, shadow map already computed at this point and being used:

#elif defined(SPOT)

float4 lightingPosition = GetPositionFromLight(_psin.pos3D, gViewLight, gProjLight); // Get our position on the shadow map
float4 lightPositionViewSpace = mul( _psin.pos3D, gViewLight );
float shadowdepth = GetShadowMapDepthValue(lightingPosition);
float shadowsample = -(lightPositionViewSpace.z / gFarClipPlaneLight) - 0.03f;

float fInShadow = (shadowsample < shadowdepth) ? 1.0f : 0.0f;

float fInnerConeTest = 1.0f - saturate( dot(vLightToVertexNormalized, normalize(gLightDirection)) );
float fStepResult = 1.0f - smoothstep(1.0f - gLightInnerConeAngle, 1.0f - gLightOuterConeAngle, fInnerConeTest);

diffuseLightingFactor = saturate( dot(-vLightToVertexNormalized, _psin.normal)) * fStepResult * fInShadow;


That's it, have a great day!

- Michael