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Gregory Aaron Martin

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#5021972 Story of a Dragon, need ideas...

Posted by on 15 January 2013 - 05:45 PM

I like some of the ideas presented here. My dragons are able to travel to different planets through, essentially, a wormhole. They are bringers of peace and knowldege but find themselves at war with men.

#5015503 Need help with a story

Posted by on 29 December 2012 - 01:06 PM

To be honest, what you have is rather cliche. Countless films have this plot as do several video games. With this genre, it's ALL been done before, and t's not too interesting as it's presented here. One way to keep players/readers interested is to not tell the story chronologically. It will require more careful storytelling from you because you have to decide what will be revealed at certain moments in your delivery of the story. Some enemies can be revealed to be allies and vice versa. Some "lies" are really truths" and vice versa. If you do it right, you should be able to keep players/readers immersed in your characters.

How many days/weeks/months/years does the story span?


Another thing that will also help is to develop character relationships and stating their motives and personalities and backgrounds. Don't info dump. Spread this information out along the course of the story, but personality is one thing that should be established early on. This is the best part of storytelling because it allows you to take characters completely out of their comfort zones and mix things up a bit for them. This ultimately drives any good story. Then, ask yourself what kind of shady character would play a part in a scheme to betray a guy and leave him for dead? 


Do you want all of the mayhem to have a surprisingly peaceful resolution, or would you want all the characters to go all out on each other? Is it a story simply about revenge, or is it a story about seeking the truth? What if the guy who is betrayed did the job out of desperation but he's really a softhearted guy? What if he was someone who knew better than to get involved with such behavior due to his upbringing? What if he was always meant to just be the fall guy? What if the one person who really knew him (his girlfriend) took major risks to help him escape police custody? What if it all boiled down to this guy simply wanting to know why he was betrayed? (This would really only work if he knew the person or people who betrayed him.) 


One convincing way to push this easygoing guy over the edge early on is this: A trusted friend who tags along with him in the early part of the quest. In a heated but tender moment with someone connected to the heist, the friend is shot. It can be a tender moment because this guy wants one thing anyone who is stabbed in the back wants to know; why? He's very calm and rational, no guns or anything. After a threat from the lead, the unarmed friend is killed. This incident is reported as a domestic dispute, but of course it's much more than that. This is a key moment because this very likable and peaceful guy is finally broken. If he remains at the crime scene, introduce some law enforcement characters that might become allies.


What physical locations will his quest lead him to? 


Start the story on focusing on minor characters like the group leader of a small group of professionals or small time thugs who organizes the heist. On the heist, no real names are used; you're just playing as some hired hand. Then, after we see the heist unfold, the attention falls onto the guy who's been left for dead. The leader who could also be betrayed appears later on and teams up with the main character to find answers. What if a player could follow both of their story paths? Both characters would have different intentions and what they both discover on their joint but separate quests leads to a different conclusion for both of them? What if intentions change for one of them? Surprise the audience with this.


IT DOES MATTER WHAT THE HEIST IS FOR. If it's for money, is it for the group to share amongst themselves, or is it for a debt that needs to be settled? This list can go on for a while. What happenings in a character's life would make him/her so desperate to turn on someone else? How well do the characters know each other?(applies to below as well)


If it's diamonds or gold or something high tech, how much do the main characters know about their employer?  Would they want it for themselves? Who else is after it and what is their connection to other main characters? 


I've never actually written this type of story myself because it's so run-of-the-mill, but the above should help you out.