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In Topic: Problem Textbox

10 January 2012 - 10:19 AM

Works like a charm. Thanks for help.

Edit: But the code you made is not and insert input textbox. I mean it does take inputs from key, but i need to get string from that textbox. Like login on websites or something like scanf function in c. I'll try use your code it and experiment with it.

In Topic: Problem Textbox

10 January 2012 - 07:32 AM

I tried to fix that formula, but still it doesn't work. When I compile your code, I get this error:

/home/joga/Documents/projektni_zadatak/test/src/test.cpp:35: error: 'Text::Alignment' is not a class or namespace

In Topic: Problem Textbox

08 January 2012 - 09:24 AM

Thanks for helping, it is working now, I tested my game for an hour. There is a bug in your alignment, it's an easy-to-fix bug. One more thing, can I add a setFont function?

So, what was the bug that you fixed?