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In Topic: The good old "which one"; choosing a language.

14 January 2012 - 07:33 PM

Hello again

Sorry for the delayed answer, I was out of town.

Again, my objective is "

I want to make games. I don't care if its my own game, or work for some company". I guessed C++ would be the best because all the games I've seen so far (both indie and company ones) are made in C++.

About the own engine. Lately I've seen a lot of unique engine great games. With 1 minute of thinking I can come up with these unique-engine games.

Maplestory, Tibia, Liero, Little fighter, Starcraft, Warcraft, Minecraft.

Minecraft in special is made by one guy, and yet it's still better than a XNA game, made by one guy too: Terraria. That's why I thought making engines are worth.

I'm completely new like everyone making topics in this category. I'm just not sure about the language I should start to learn because for e.g, I don't wanna be stuck with terraria-like games if I learn XNA. This happens mostly because I have no idea how this area (programming) works. Neither do I know how to learn and which communities to be in.

I'll use CG as an example. I started at videocopilot.net. I learned about how videos work on it, then stopped learning AFX after a while. Then I found some good websites because I knew what to search with my knowledge from video copilot. With my searches I got good knowledge at tracking, 3D stuff, lightning, rendering. Ended up that I know how all the CG area works, I can lead someone to the right way if the ask me something, just like JBadams, seraph and everyone else that posted here, but in the programming area.

So, how do I start at programming? Is there a "videocopilot" where I can learn how the area works. This example is good because video copilot teaches after effects, which is what I (wanted to) get extremely good at. I would like to start in programming with something that I would use to make the games. That's why I'm unsure about engines and languages. I don't want to be stuck with games like Terraria because I learned C# for 6 years. I want to make my Little fighter, my Tibia, or work on a warcraft game with some people.