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Journal Entries

Project NN > Creature movement

Posted 27 March 2013

Hallo gameDev,Recently I'v finished "game speed" property. This parameter I need to speed up some simulation parts. Now, finally, is engine working properly. I'v measured right Creature speed across different game speed settings and I'v realized that my previous algorithm was making phantom time differences in higher speeds. Currently is everything all ri...

Project NN > Creature stats (Combat)

Posted 03 March 2013

Greetings, http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png General All this stuff is about Combat aspect of this project. There are other attributes for Survival and Social aspects, which I will introduce later. Creature is every gameObject in sandbox which has and try to uses it's brain. Creature stats Each creature will have its own...

Project NN > Architecture

Posted 24 February 2013

Engine is starting to bring its apport in form of scalability and modularity. Basic overview of world architecture: World will be core handler for all child objects like a gameObjects, Weather system and Maps. World consist of maximum 32x32 map grids. Shortly, map can be added or removed during running world at any time without any performance disruption....

Project NN > Weather System - Implementation and Results

Posted 20 January 2013

Greetings,Let me describe implementation of weather system in more details.Global Weather Simulation year have 40 days, and 4 seasons (like in real). 1 day has 1000 ticks. 1 tick has 10 smaller ticks, 1 smaller tick is ticking every 250ms.Temperature Base of simulation is temperature of region which can be modified by position of this region, as I mention...

Project NN > Weather System

Posted 13 January 2013

After a long period, during which was project updated, I finally take courage to write a journal post here. Meanwhile, too many thing were added in to the project, but I also started from scratch. I'v decided to make better approach to base engine, which I will see later on easier implementation of all desired project tasks. Currently I'm working on serve...