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Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics

14 January 2012 - 12:22 AM

Hi all,

Recently I have been working on an implementation of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (basically water physics), which is fast and scalable.

As I dont have any higher maths or physics training (14 yr old here Posted Image), most of the equations in various papers I have read are way above my head. So, I decided to base my work off Rene Schulte, in C++. Not a straight rip, just the main calculations.

I have been able to achieve a some-what workable result. The simulation is quite erratic, the water doesnt flow nicely, and the particles sometimes dip through my invisilble walls. I plan to put in a grid based sorter and other optimizations in soon (atm I only have the O(n^2) method), so the performance will be bad.

Basically, I am trying to go for a believable water look for a simple game I have in mind. (if you have the DirectX SDK by chance, there is a really good SPH sim included, just search 'fluid' in the sample browser)

Rendering and Vectors done by SFML, so you will need that to compile it, however I have included a pre-built Debug exe with the MSVC++ runtimes v11.0 ( Win 8 dev preview version). Only GL point rendering as well, I want a believable result beofre I move on.

Please dont lol too hard at my code, I am the only one working on it (not too many people my age I could collab with) and I am quite inexperinced (~1 year of cpp).

wow that was long.

tl;dr Help me with my physics please.

Thanks guys!