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In Topic: Web game developers- Flash or Unity3D? (or others?)

25 January 2012 - 01:57 AM

Anyone have any comments on which flash 3D library to use? (better rendering?) Between Alternativa3D, Flare3D and Away3D

In Topic: Beginner question for (maybe) Isometric games

24 January 2012 - 12:16 PM

If you're building a game for the browser, then there are two major factors you need to key in:
1) You'll have to master JavaScript
2) Putting all your logic in the front-end makes your game significantly more hackable.

There are alternatives to #1 (ActionScript being one of them; I feel this is a technology which is losing traction to HTML5 so can't recommend going this route). Google's Native Client would also be a good bet, since C code becomes reusable; this, however, is even more bleeding-edge than HTML5 game development, and its future is highly uncertain.

Native client currently supports Unity3D, that's why I'm looking into this as well. I'm also quite proficient with Javascript and other web technologies (canvas, websocket, etc). FYI I'm currently doing a PhD in web security :P

Secondly, I've looked into HTML5 game engines, and non of the free ones look "visually" appealing to me. I am very interested in TGE, so please give me some details on this. Thanks :)