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BlueStar03 > Update 004 - Animation ... and some News

Posted 26 January 2015

The Alpha 004 update is up at http://bluestar03.com/Chronicle/Alpha as well on the Windows Phone Store. Unfortunately, it was taken down from the Windows 8 Store because it isn't feature complete. Bummer. Additionally, this update has been up for a while, but my day job got in the way of doing anything for a while. Sooo.... first the animation, then the...

BlueStar03 > Update 003 - Pause and Menu

Posted 07 September 2014

The latest update is up at http://bluestar03.com/Chronicle/Alpha as well on the Windows Phone Store and Windows 8 Store. This is a small update. It deals with pause and menus.

The Pause function is from YouTube tutorial by Shaun Spalding The only difference is that instead of using global.pause, I have Control object that has the pause variable, thus Co...

BlueStar03 > Update 002 - Indoor and Outdoors

Posted 30 August 2014

The next update is up on http://bluestar03.com/Chronicle/Alpha , Windows Phone, and now, Windows 8. This update deals with what I think is a crucial aspect in style for the game, going indoors and outdoors without control and/or visual interruption. In most games, let’s take Zelda as an example, when the Character goes Indoors or Outdoors, or basically ac...

BlueStar03 > Update 001 - Isometric Perspective

Posted 15 August 2014

The Next Update is live at the Windows Phone App Store and http://www.bluestar03.com/Chronicle/Alpha . It simply draws everything in an Isometric Perspective. It additionally tweaks the directional input to offset the player direction by 45 degrees. Good news also arrived from Yoyo Games and M$ announcing a partnership which in addition to improving their...

BlueStar03 > Chronicle Destiny Live at the Windows Phone store

Posted 08 August 2014

Kind of. Its basically a blue circle that is controllable by a virtual joystick, and some red block on a green gird background using a top view perspective. It basically is a base for a Zelda game. The same game can be viewed at http://bluestar03.com/Chronicle/Alpha , save for keyboard controls instead of touch controls. But why publish, and charge $0.99...