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#4997180 Weapon names in games

Posted by on 04 November 2012 - 08:35 AM

In sloperama faq there is something like 'they can sue me for doing this kind of thing', but i still think that you can put real AK-47 or M4 in your game with its real name and not get sued.

There is a trademark filed with the United States Trademark and Patent office for the phrase "AK47", which covers video games and firearms, among others. So if you have a gun called "AK47" in your game without a license, you could violate this trademark and open yourself up to legal problems. I'm not a lawyer, but if you insist on calling equipment in your game with that name, it is best to consult a lawyer and see what he has to say.

#4980594 What is the guy called with all the money? boss?

Posted by on 16 September 2012 - 04:33 AM

well ofcourse im investing to make money

Invest in something other than games. The returns are low and the risks are extremely high.

I don't agree that returns are low.. it's just for studios like Orymus3 that returns are low because like he said himself.. he isnt making games for money... just for fun.
That's the general attitidue with most indys.
If you get a serious indy team together then I think you can make a lot of money.

The video game industry is a creative industry that is hugely competitive. Back in 2008 I was ignorant enough to think that I could make a significant amount of money in the game industry. I put a lot of money into my first commercial project to make it shiny, smooth and fluid but skimped out on actually making it fun. I had no previous experience at the time, but had a lot of business experience before then. So I took an approach where I wanted to make games for the money, and because of that mindset the overall quality of the project suffered to the point where it was almost intolerable to play.You have to enter the industry because it is something you WANT to do and not because you heard of some game that sold two million copies and want a piece of the pie.

Entering the industry solely because of the money is a terrible excuse and will, in almost every case, cause you to fall flat on your face bleeding all of your investment capital. If you ask any of the very successful independent developers why they entered the industry, their answers will all be similar; they did it because it is something they love to do.

#4906271 Database Design for Strategy/RPG

Posted by on 25 January 2012 - 06:19 PM

@DAEvo --- It sounds like you would benefit from using something like SQLite. It is a self-contained SQL database that does not require a server installation, and is public domain