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Dialock's Journal > Game Development Cabin Fever

Posted 14 December 2014

Winter hasn't even officially started in my hemisphere and I cant help but feel it never ended from last year. I'm not talking about being trapped by snow though. I'm dealing with a project. It won't shut up It, won't leave. I ask myself why it stays because surely talking to ones self is healthy.

So far the voices in my head have provided logical rea...

Dialock's Journal > Movin on up (To the Top)

Posted 30 July 2013

Hi, my handle is Dialock and I want to program for a living. I have no proper education and am self taught so for now this is just hobby level stuff. For the past quarter of a year I've been working on a game. I would like to make money on said game therefore I need to work on my social interactions/PR to get the word out. Consider this blog my pract...