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#5074465 the mental party game idea

Posted by on 01 July 2013 - 10:23 AM


Hmm, you haven't given much usefull info on the game.

For starters:

The player will only play one character ?

Will he have full control of that(/those?) character ?
How long is the game supposed to last ? (is it over after finding one picture ?)
What will the player do ? combat or puzzle or what ?


anyone interested to make the game?

Are you recruiting or offering a design for grabs ?



i'm gonna agree with powerneg, i'm not too sure what the post is about. In regard to your idea, what makes it different from corpse party? what are you trying to accomplish with this idea?

#5074464 In regards to a protagonist's weapon

Posted by on 01 July 2013 - 10:19 AM

Hey gamedev whats happening? I'm currently designing a 2-d metrodvania styled action adventure game and i appear to have hit a snag. I want to give the protagonist a weapon that serves more than one function so i guess this post isn't so much about the story per-say. Its more about what sort of tool i want to give the protagonist. So far i've decided on outfitting the hero with a rifle for long ranged combat, but i'm having trouble deciding what sort of closed ranged weapon to design around. 

one idea i ad discussed was perhaps give them hook swords? its not seen too much, and i think it would be refreshing from the age old long sword or katana that's been made so popular recently. what do you think?

any ideas or suggestions?

#4950160 Just a quick question regarding designs

Posted by on 18 June 2012 - 12:44 AM

I want to keep this brief so i'll get right to the point, how did your designs "evolve"?
I constantly go back and take things out, or re work things to improve the game somehow. Its
almost like an living, breathing thing in my opinion.

#4915326 Creating a frightening enviroment within a co-op shooter

Posted by on 21 February 2012 - 05:52 PM

The problem with co-op environments is that being alone inherently makes almost any situation less frightening. You have support, even if the other person isn't Rambo, you have another functional set of eyes, ears and hands. I think the correct response if you're going for fear, is to make the players feel their teammates are NOT reliable or safe. However for every avenue of communication you provide them, you remove fear. If you make one player 'hallucinate' by showing them enemies that aren't there, them firing off wildly at something no one else sees would startle the others and make them curious, but if they're in voice chat, it's quickly defused as "oh, tim is seeing the hallucinations, no problem". Where if they can't talk to each other, there's more tension remaining. If they're allowed to stick together all the time, you lose even more opportunities. If they are forced to split up frequently (say, to solve puzzles), you have opportunities to cause them fear. Maybe player A working on his objective is making noise player B can hear through the wall, distort them and make them creepy - they're freaking each other out. In certain circumstances, maybe make player A look like an enemy for a moment, player B might fire at him.

This portion just gave me a bit of inspiration.what If the enemy is smart enough to try and separate the group, forcing them to take different paths? Of course they would meet later on, but the sudden isolation after a hectic firefight would leave me pretty creeped out personally. As for the communication aspect, we could make voice chat proximity based so when the players are separated they won't be able to hear one another.