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In Topic: Basic wind simulation in a large building

05 June 2015 - 12:42 PM

I think this is a cook booky article that may give you the answer:


In Topic: Making heat interesting as a player resource

30 May 2015 - 01:59 AM

The resource you are looking for is heat capacity. It is  specific heat capacity * mass of the part. And its unit is J/Kelvin.

In fact this is super simplified, in reality the heat source is connected through multiple thermal interfaces to other components.

Fenomena that it makes can be found under "system's thermal time constant".


In this case heat exchanger (leading coolant into radiator or another big block of heat capacity) would be as close as possible to the heat source.


In fact high energy weapons could not be cooled through radiator without heat capacity that is temporarily capturing the heat and provides time to dissipate the power.

Reason is you are limited with bulk size of a radiator. Surface area for radiation heat transfer can be extended by fins but it is limited (density of fins) because then each fins gets a lesser view factor into free space- it sees only another fin.


Another thing thing you might be interested is phase change materials. Imagine it as as wax. When it melts it has already absorbed heat (latent heat) but yet remains practically isothermal - temperature has not raise. Latent heats are huge compared to specific capacities. Such heat reservoir can be also asset for a ship...


BTW: funny to see my daily job topic here

In Topic: Ideas about re-designing a game

26 April 2015 - 01:06 AM

Just a quick idea, maybe something like Aegis of Immortal was in DOTA could help. Here it could be achieved for experience. There would be everlasting quest for stone of recovery to be activeted. After activation player would not raising experience but "fuelling" the stone. It would work also as an experience sink. And what is the difference against current state where the death is the sink? Feel of control, you have the stone you can risk and vice versa you can choose to risk more and grow faster. But maybe it would not fit into the setting and other problems I cannot predict now.

In Topic: Fleets (as formations)

18 November 2014 - 01:31 PM

Maybe I will post the simpliest model I have:

- You select Fleet A, then click "build 5 battlecruisers", it creates a "production order" for your shipyard

- Then you select Fleet B and click "build 2 destroyers", it creates a "production order" for your shipyard

- Next turn some of the new ships are produced and added to the Fleets that ordered these (these go to the fleet pool)

- The AI (for each Fleet) transfers all ships in the pool (that are not under repair, etc) to flotillas (equally)


Am I reading this correctly that: there is going to be fleet pool (for units that were ordered directly to given fleets), and flotilla pool which is distributed to flotillas through the automatical assignment per flotillas' priorities and this pool is filled automatically as shipyard produces the units?



That one is kind of troublesome to me... Not sure how to handle it. Let's say you build an invasion fleet and you need combat flotillas, but you also need invasion/bombarment flotillas that enter the battle later. Amd I'm not sure how to make it. The easiest would be to just make two separate fleets (combat fleet and invasion/bombardment fleet) that operate closely together.

But... it's so messy and unthematic... (like they do not share a fleet admiral, these are completely different) Ideally if within one fleet you could somehow designate that one flotilla is combat and one is bombardment (but how to do it without breaking completely the fully automatic ship assignements on flotilla level, I dunno)


Well, do you know Red Dragon game? There are three potential kind of forces- thieves, mages and army. There is strict order for using them but you don't need to constrain your forces like that. The important thing is that withing each force you are sending actions in wawes to weaken the defences or directly go for one strategic strike if you cannot afford defence destruction  and there are various kind of attacks which requires different amount of attack/defence ratio and also lets say mancount.


To your game these three forces could be spies, aircraft fighters, and bombers

imho each unit should contain all three elements. Spies are like sensor it determines efficiency of energy spent, aircraft fighters are in fact representing defence/counter defence, bombers are representing potential to destroy buildings, land defences etc.


How should be spies played? So before invading planet your Inteligence would send or find a candidate or more. He would be playing sort of minigame expanding his contacts as a network. The larger the network higher the efficiency on resources he spends. The second part of spying game would be to get the resources to him. Some actions like laser localize spots  for bombing could require not only generic resources but also an equipment. So if you would play your spies excellent you can for example confuse defences (blind target), so the aircraft fighters will stay at the hangars, and that you can start directly with a bombing and destroying the fighters using your bombers. ph34r.png


The important feature is to be able to set actions for each fleet/unit for spies and be able to separate them in turns, so that you can make logical process how to reach the goal, also being easy able to stack these actions into larger containers 1 or two levels higher so that they can be reused or broken down and modified would be for large scale game probably a must have...

In Topic: Fleets (as formations)

14 November 2014 - 01:01 PM

Ships that belong to Fleet HQ will be (over time, not instantly) transfered between all Flotillas that belong to that Fleet, so on average all flotillas within Fleet will be equal in size and composition


Ok, so now we are on the same page. From the guote cited above I was thinking that you use term flotilla as a "bag" for units and fleet as a "bag" for flotillas.

So I adapted my writing to it.


So my proposal was to click on empty spots at the fleet pattern (bag for units) to say the engine- assign the new units of this kind first here. Without having to increase priority to this fleet or at even 1 level higher resolution for flotilla.



As for flotillas being "incomplete", what's the difference? Being "complete" is just a theorethical wish of the player. You wish/plan your flotillas have 3 battlecuisers and 21 destoyers on turn 11, you wish/plan for the same flotilla to have 3 battlecuisers and 24 destoyers on turn 12. It's not changing much strategically... OK, I explained it better below.


For me it is the design thing. Lets say there can be various purposes that each fleet can be designed for. Of course it depends on how you will set the entire environment. Goal is to not over design (too expensive) and yet get the desired mission accomplished. For example some units has high mobility and sight so they can be scouts, but you also may want this fleet to have some fire power to be able to destroy some small resistence. Thats why you may want to have 5 units in the fleet and not one.


Other purpose can be sabotage so it would be done by stealth units. And you know that 10 of these can destroy miners in a manner of seconds. But maybe your purpose for the fleet can be broader you may want be able to destroy at least one air defence and provide some level of guarding so you dont need to completely retreat when resistence occurs - bham 2 battle cruisers added which would become as bay if there is need to retreat.  


Not having the fleet complete (bag of units) is in my opinion denying of  time spent on the creation (design) of the fleet. To be honest I don't know if on super large scale the only purpose player can think of would be fire power, armor, and health of the fleet. Than it is OK.