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#5088529 Would be an absolute balance a build killer?

Posted by Osidlus on 23 August 2013 - 04:43 PM

thx for the reaction, I dont find the case difficult to balance...


lets assume for the simplification they both have same life pool (if not the damage of the opposal character would be adjusted by their life ratio) and are meelee (now the range and movement speed would play a role). So than all you need is to carry about is DPS. Oh the faster character has a dodge x% ? Not a problem that mean his life pool should be taken as adjusted by 1/(1-x/100) and therefore the damage of the slow character rises based on the life ratio.


For a measurement how the system is doing I think it would be nice to construct a probability density curve based on the survival's % rest life. On left from the center there can the fast guy on the right there can be the slow guy. So from the measurement the variable would be 0 to 100%. And over it (as a Y axis) occurence(occurence/number of tests =probability). Balanced system should have same weight under the curves (fast guy's curve and slow guy's curve). And those systems that that have lots of density or occurence close to zero are race to death systems.

#5088514 Would be an absolute balance a build killer?

Posted by Osidlus on 23 August 2013 - 03:57 PM

Just a thought ...


So what is the build? Would you agree its a set of values x1, x2, x3 .... that produces additional value Y1, Y2... /and so on/ 

thanks to "synergy" among xs? Thus it makes character stronger as Ys occurs?



But then the characters that are no build are naturally not balanced against the builds.. Should be "no builds" balanced to each other? Maybe that is important for the newbie level players. 


How about balancing the system with builds possible. Should then be all the builds identified and make the balancing to each other? Even if done (caping Ys or make them logaritmic - artificially or by perfect design).Would not be the fun of experimenting and searching the build worn off?


I think partially yes, but what could it brought is character build design to counter the other build minimasing its Ys or so. Is it necessary to make this always possible (each build have their counter) to make the creation of the build conditioned by some weak Xs?

#5030426 Grappling combat

Posted by Osidlus on 09 February 2013 - 12:33 PM

Hello there,

I have been toying some time with the game systems for the RPG with lets say realistic approach to combat and modeling a person under emotional and time stress, maybe the most outcome is just for my self learning than anything else. But lets pretend for a while we design a game...

So now the compass shows grappling. As I did strike rule system first there is some lets call it infrastructure done that can be used for the wrestling and ground game and I would like to check how it can handle various situations, just as a reference what is meant by ground game:

As I am rooted in the strike MA I would appreciate any comments on 1. what should a nice encounter have, 2. what choices during grappling you would like to have, 3. would you like to go to the level of techniques or even principles, 4. what are the goals during grappling fight like- utilizing your weight, choking whenever possible etc. 5. are you a grappling guy or a fan?

The system is meant for a turn based combat with non-constant lenght of the turn- the dominating person sets the lenghts of the turn (forces the tempo).

Personally I like the building of the position in GPG and maybe from my sight such a fight is even more strategic than the strike one as there are more predictable steps ahead.

#5008553 Oldschool retro RPG - feedback and ideas needed

Posted by Osidlus on 08 December 2012 - 12:22 PM

Thank you for the explanation. I think the best choices you can make is to honestly ask yourself what would you love to play. And for those sources for various boosts of the characters just to ask what are the benefits and what do you expect from such a solution - does it have some interaction with gameplay, storyline, forces the player to play a certain way (your system looks like that it forces to do an exploration as the crystals are found through it)?

I also think that great resource for "what to do with numbers" when designing a game system are pen a paper rpgs. (D20, GURPS, Shadowrun...). I believe it would not be a wasted time to try some, if not the game system it self then tons of little details and assets creating the atmosphere and immersion could be inspiring.

Maybe something for the melee game system as KISS should be applied:
apart from damage for the weapons you might have cogency or weight property on it (the higher quality weapons would have higher ratio of damage/weight)
this weight property could be compared with the wielders strenght and for example:

strenght < 0.5*weight = weapon cannot be used

0.5*weight<strenght<1*weight = weapon can be used with penalty equals missing strenght to weight into attack rating (attack rating if you can hit and damage what is the impact)

1*weight<strenght<1.25*weight = weapon can be used with no modificators

1.25*weight<strenght<1.5*weight =weapon can be used, with bonuses to atack rating of 0.33*(strenght-(1.25*weight))

1.5*weight<strenght<2*weight = weapon can be used, with bonuses to atack rating of 0.33*(.25*weight) plus 0.5*(strenght-(1.5weight))


Goal is to motivate player to make his choice of weapon for a given foe. For those who are swift and quick on their feets players might want lighter weapon to improve their chance to hit. Strenght also can be classically involved in rising damage done like WeaponDmg + Strenght/X = damage done.

Good luckPosted Image

#5007478 Oldschool retro RPG - feedback and ideas needed

Posted by Osidlus on 05 December 2012 - 12:54 PM


I think as the game is not driven by the story-line, and lore done by one creator is limited too, the core of an entertainment should lie in the possibilities for tweaking the characters. I think this should match with the target group for the retro game well. IMHO it doesnt have to be balanced perfectly, I find it interesting to search these gaps to acquire some advantage :-).

Resistances: Honestly I am not a friend of this concept (% of resistances). Edit:{to be more specific about % resistance- it worked good in hack'n'slash games I know and in fantasy stragies as well as it is "easy to read" and map the progress. But to me % resistances represents magic the way that I don't like- just another damage throwing class.}

The other approach could come from breaking down the casting into mana channeling, formation of the spell and targeting the spell. And those "resistant" creatures could be kind of inert and thus more difficult to target (and the caster can learn to target them based on the encounters he experienced them). Or magically active creatures can compete with characters about mana when channeling or "attack" the spell when it is formed.

#4979419 Snowballing and Turtling

Posted by Osidlus on 12 September 2012 - 01:10 PM

Hey Starbasecitadel, you got that, here is just my little nuance...

1. The neutral forces should be like arch-enemy- it will not be a shame to lose against them.

2. The power should not be dependant on the power of players army they attack (we want them to prevent weak deciding about the winner and remove tediousity huh)
but the way they would attack should depend on the power of the players army/economy. To the weak they should primarily attack his army units and to
the powerfull they should use units that have a long range higher cooldown building strike (something like earthquake in space - Higgs -boson canon :-) ) so they will also be able to do some damage even to the powerfull base. The neutrals should have "hacked" radio so every player would be able to see the damages they caused to each player (transparency of the blinds). And it would be good even for the weak (after they lost some units) to see that even powerfull suffers.

3. Chance. Within the neutral attacking forces they should have a captain which is quite hard to get (is quick, high hp, special abilities etc.). The neutral forces should not attack until full losses but like 40% and than they turn away, (could be kind of snowball - if you are able to get higher percentage of them the power of their attacks grows slowlier). If you are able to get the captain ship you should be rewarded with some special component to one of your ships or even technology.

good luckPosted Image

#4977020 Snowballing and Turtling

Posted by Osidlus on 05 September 2012 - 05:36 PM

To me it feel like you need to use Texas holdem technique of blinds to reduce the tediousity and also to deal with the kingmaker. Blinds must go from the table so the kingmakers' chips will not be used on pushing on one of the dominant factions though. So it looks that you need some neutral forces ala wrath-of-nature pushing harder and harder... maybe power of their attacking can be reduced by keep moving and not to stagnate somwhere. In combination with minefields (created by the earlier dominant player who was there already) this might supress kingmaker a bit ;-)

Have been thinking why the blinds in the poker game are so well accepted...the number one is probably that everybody "suffers" at the same rate transparently, second blinds also gives a chance - if you have a nice hand and you are low on the chips this way you can hide behind the blind for a while, third - its kind of classy - for example for Duna game the attacks of the worms would be classy too. For a generic battleship game (I dont know the background) I don't know. There probably some other reasons...

#4973865 Are open pvp + full loot SANDBOX mmorpg's still possible?

Posted by Osidlus on 27 August 2012 - 12:56 PM

Is it really such a big problem to resolve this? I can see at least 5 non-artificial and 1 semi artificial rules for the realm to significantly suppress "the feast".

Here comes the semi-artificial:
If the weaker player is forced to encounter much stronger player character then based on some ratio of level, dmg etc. there would be a switch that will turn the weaker player's damage to stack in to wolf's limbs, and as the limbs can care only particle of the wolfs total life pool it will be feasible to score limb cut-off for the underdog character.There can be also some additional conditions for it like the damage stacks only when scored from the same side and/or to same height.
For recovering there would be needed to have some special herbs for preseving the part and to make some purifying quest for the temple for heal.

When the contrast beween characters will be too big the underdog can get a chance to cut off at least a finger or to make a scar. (and as it can hold only small particle of total life it will be feasible) So now there would be a motivation to fight for the sheeps, and the wolf can get hunted (which is the best teaching for him) as might weaken.

Why do I call it semi-artificial rule? Try to spar with newbies in real life Posted Image