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Would be an absolute balance a build killer?

23 August 2013 - 03:57 PM

Just a thought ...


So what is the build? Would you agree its a set of values x1, x2, x3 .... that produces additional value Y1, Y2... /and so on/ 

thanks to "synergy" among xs? Thus it makes character stronger as Ys occurs?



But then the characters that are no build are naturally not balanced against the builds.. Should be "no builds" balanced to each other? Maybe that is important for the newbie level players. 


How about balancing the system with builds possible. Should then be all the builds identified and make the balancing to each other? Even if done (caping Ys or make them logaritmic - artificially or by perfect design).Would not be the fun of experimenting and searching the build worn off?


I think partially yes, but what could it brought is character build design to counter the other build minimasing its Ys or so. Is it necessary to make this always possible (each build have their counter) to make the creation of the build conditioned by some weak Xs?

Grappling combat

09 February 2013 - 12:33 PM

Hello there,

I have been toying some time with the game systems for the RPG with lets say realistic approach to combat and modeling a person under emotional and time stress, maybe the most outcome is just for my self learning than anything else. But lets pretend for a while we design a game...

So now the compass shows grappling. As I did strike rule system first there is some lets call it infrastructure done that can be used for the wrestling and ground game and I would like to check how it can handle various situations, just as a reference what is meant by ground game:

As I am rooted in the strike MA I would appreciate any comments on 1. what should a nice encounter have, 2. what choices during grappling you would like to have, 3. would you like to go to the level of techniques or even principles, 4. what are the goals during grappling fight like- utilizing your weight, choking whenever possible etc. 5. are you a grappling guy or a fan?

The system is meant for a turn based combat with non-constant lenght of the turn- the dominating person sets the lenghts of the turn (forces the tempo).

Personally I like the building of the position in GPG and maybe from my sight such a fight is even more strategic than the strike one as there are more predictable steps ahead.

{IMHO} RPG elements

04 April 2012 - 03:00 PM


I was just thinking of what components are creating the RPGs and how an ideal game for me had mixed them:

Story telling- with this it is meant - receiving the game's story, walking the corridor to make the chapters completed, enjoy-immerse the heroic live, lesser boss fighting (doesnt require any preparation for the fight)

Tunning- this element means tunnig the character, my approach here is that it is like creating/designing/plaining the comprehensive mechanism and then you are enjoying its behaviour under various situations and you are happy/unhappy/mind blown if you succeed. What belongs here is
build making, equipment collecting, strong boss fighting -requires strategy and equipment change based on the opponents assumed weaknesses .

Lore- exploration - walk out of the corridor which is not necessary, teraing should be interesting to explore both for rewards and landscape atmosphere, crafting when trying various combinations...

With these elements identified I think it would be good ask ones self how much (time spent by the player on it) each element would be presented in ones ideal game and what is the status (quality) of these element in the current game to an ideal quality (100%).

So for me it is:

.................................%of time........................% current best stuff/my ideal
Story telling:..............30-50............................90(Bioware stuff)

I would be glad guys if any of you make this too, I am quite currious how the local community is set ;-).