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Journal Entries

Journal of Zao > Badger badger

Posted 14 May 2011

I keep forgetting that I have a Journal here.

As I lamented in my previous entry, I had trouble conjuring up enough competence to make both the assets and design some decent gameplay, so I figured I'd implement a clone of some existing game for now.

In order to have some pressure on me to complete it, I challenged a friend to make a Snake game over a...

Journal of Zao > Game Development Progress, Of Sorts

Posted 09 January 2011

In the site migration it turns out that I have an ancient post since 2006 in my journal where I announce my intent to go up the game making ladder. As I seem to be still paying for GDNet+, I might as well make use of this here fancy journal.

Back then I immediately got swamped with proper work, so I put the game making effort on the back burner. In 2009...

Journal of Zao > A New Beginning

Posted 10 March 2006

For the last couple of years, most of the things I've been programming has been school assignments, tools for myself and some attempts at signal processing. Now, I've decided to cut back on that and try my hand at game programming once again as a relaxing diversion.

Since almost all I've coded recently has been quite small in scope and generally...