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Isometric 2.5D Game Engine

06 February 2012 - 12:14 AM

Hey guys,

I want to make a game (turn-based RPG) that looks very similar to Bastion.
Posted Image
Here is what I need to implement:

-> The overworld is 2d, with an isometric view. The graphics would in no way be rendered in 3D, but rather drawn in 2d.

-> The characters would be rendered in 3d, moving about in the 2d isometric world.

I have looked at several game engines, but I find it very difficult to know which would be best to implement this sort of look and feel. Which game engine do you guys feel could be best for me so that I would have the least amount of coding to do for purely the isometric view aspect?

Note: It would be great if the engine could be capable of having 3D models in a 2D environment. However, if some of you feel this can't be achieved in a full 2D isometric engine, then it should not be much of an issue since a 3D character may actually be represented as a large series of 2D images, in other words, this isn't much of a problem I feel for the moment.