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Trigger Man: a retro fps

05 February 2012 - 03:48 PM

Trigger Man

It's been a busy weekend and I thought I'd finish it with a post here.

Currently in development is a fast paced, action fps very much in the style of Wolfenstein 3D and the classic Doom. We've been developing a whole new engine from scratch and the tools to go with constructing levels and setting up weapons and enemies. The game's target platforms are XBOX indie and the many PC online distribution networks (which still need investigating) and it's been in development for about 7 months and we're on target for a good prototype by May. It's all sprite based as you can imagine, so it's time for screenshots!

Work complete to date:
6 enemies (42 sprites per character)
4 weapons

Posted Image

(New HUD graphic)

Posted Image

(1-bit alpha walls allow for a lot of extra detail in the levels)

Posted Image

(Every retro fps needs an elevator room)

Posted Image

(Cargo room)

Posted Image

(Editor tool - screenshot of the tool here is abit out of date and has changed abit)

Posted Image

(Sample enemy)

It's hard work but we're slowely getting there, and it's only getting better. Well thanks for looking at this post, everyone's time is important and it means alot.