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In Topic: Estimating the Revenue generated by RevMob for a mobile game

13 December 2013 - 04:01 AM



I seem to be make myself not very clear. I am not saying that I show only one add per download.

I said:

I expect on average 5 Impressions per download

How do I get 5? Just guessing. Some will download and play only once (so I get like 2 Impressions) and some will play very often.


Can you be a little bit more specific? Which of my numbers seem high? An eCPM of 10$? Or the 5 Impressions per download?

In Topic: Estimating the Revenue generated by RevMob for a mobile game

08 December 2013 - 04:33 AM



Thanks for the replies. But I still do not get the numbers right. What exactly is "clickthroughrate"? That is the number of impressions being clicked, right? So the number of times my app is downloaded, and the number of downloads I generate for advertised games and not directly related through this ...

But I fear, this might not be the right way to get an estimation (correct me if I am wrong).


How about this: What eCPM can I expect from RevMob? In then net, I read numbers which seem to suggest, that I can expect 10$.

So if the game is downloaded N times, and I expect on average 5 Impressions per download, than my number would be:


N * 10$ * 5/1000


Is that realistic?

In Topic: Amazon SNS for turn based multiplayer mobile game

09 November 2013 - 04:10 AM

If I were you, though, I would be very careful about costs involved, as well as the possibility of cheating inherent in a client-state-based game.


An option might be to build a simple message exchange on a server fabric like node.js. You can easily get to thousands of players across thousands of games in a single process on node.js, and use HTTP long-polling for message exchange to have the highest possible compatibility with various web gateways etc.

Mmh, ok. But than I have to get a node.js host and have to worry about server availability.


amazon SNS costst 50cent/Million messages.


I am wondering what other developers experience on this is ...

In Topic: Google Play Game Services for iOS and android turn based game - need of googl...

22 August 2013 - 06:26 AM

If you look at the plans there are pushes and there are api requests.  Your game turns would be API requests not pushes.


Mmh, ok. But that does not change anything. There is a limit of 10^6 api requests also. So I still would only have 5000 games/month. And I find it difficult to estimate if that is enough ...

In Topic: Google Play Game Services for iOS and android turn based game - need of googl...

21 August 2013 - 08:24 AM



I am looking at parse.com. How does it work for turn based games? I see one gets 10^6 pushes in the free plan. Is every turn and chat message a push notification?

Guessing that an average game will have 200 turns, that means 10^6/200=5000 games per month. I find it really difficult to estimate, if that is enough.


You may well limit your more casual audience by requiring a Google+ account, but aren't the social media junkies more likely to generate attention for your game anyway?


Probably ... the sing is what I want to implement is a board game. So I will mainly be addressing people already playing the game. And they might not be that much of "social media junkies" ... but I do not know.