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Estimating the Revenue generated by RevMob for a mobile game

05 December 2013 - 07:22 PM



I want to roughly estimate the revenue I can generate through RevMob for a mobile game.

I know that such a estimating can only be very approximating since to real Revenue depends on many factors which are just not predictable. But I need to estimation for an official application (or request? I do not know which is the correct english word) which will justify that I start the project.

So it would be very useful if the numbers I use  for the estimation can be justify by official sources.


This is what I came up with so far:

Let N be the number of downloads the app will generate. This number I will try to estimate by looking at the downloads of similar apps.

Let's assume that 10% of the downloads will generate a click and download for an app advertised by RevMob (this number comes just from my stomach, and I have no source for it).

A download will generate 1$ in revenue on average.


So my revenue will be:

N * (0.1) * 1$


What do you think?



xmpp for turn based game

23 November 2013 - 06:15 AM



I am currently thinking about a network/server solution for a turn based game. I think turn based games have a lot in common with chat applications.

So one could use a chat server, and introduce (next to the normal chat messages for ingame chat) specially formatted messages, that represents moves.

Nice, that way I could use an existing xmpp server solution, which has a lot of benefits.


But I want some features which do not exist in a chat server:


* Using existing accounts (facebook, google+) for login, as well as creating new accounts.

* Testing player moves for validity.

* Storing a game in a cloud, so that the players can return to it later.

* Sending a push notification to a player on a mobile device when that player is currently not in the game but the opponent made a turn.


I could probably archive this, buy having a chat-bot for every game currently player over which the communication for that game works.

So if a player made a move, it sends a message to the bot. The bot validates it, updates the game state in the cloud and forwards the move to all other players.


So I am asking for your experience:

Do you think that is a good Idea?

Maybe there are chat servers out there which can be extended to make what I want in some other (better) way?

Or would you approach this completely different?



Making a contract about the rights on a BoardGame

15 November 2013 - 02:14 AM



I am in the situation that I have to setup a contract giving me the rights to implement a certain board game.

I have little experience with setting up contracts and I am wondering if someone can give me some insights.


* What are points in the contract that I should not forget (and that an inexperienced person might not think of)?

* Anyone knows where to find or has a contract that I could use for orientation?




Amazon SNS for turn based multiplayer mobile game

08 November 2013 - 07:20 AM

Hello Community,


I want to implement a turn based multiplayer game for mobile devices and I am looking for an network solution.


Now, there is google play game services, which seems really nice. Unfortantly it forces players to have a google account for playing. I do not like that.


Instead I would prefer a solution, where the player has the choice of logging in with a google or facebook account, create a game specific account or play as guest. As far as I can tell, that is not possible with google play services.


So I am looking at other cloud services. And I was wondering if amazon SNS would be suited.


As anyone experience with Amazon SNS for games? I would have to do the "login via facebook/google" myself, but I hope I can do that ...


My Idea would be:

* Create a amazon SNS topic for every new game.

* Every player of the game subscribes to the topic.

* Game  turns are send via the topic.


Does that work in practice?


Thanks for sharing thoughts and experience!

Google Play Game Services for iOS and android turn based game - need of google+ account

21 August 2013 - 04:48 AM



I am going to implement a turn based multiplayer game that is supposed to run on iOS and android.

For a network solution. I want:


* Turn based multiplayer, but with short turns and fast notification, that the other has done its turn.

* Player ranking based on how they played so far.

* Cloud storage of unfinished games.

* In game chat.


I am looking at Google Play Game Services. It is really nice, and it seems perfect ...


But! It requires the user to have a google+ account. For an android user this may not be a problem. But how about iOS users?


Has anyone experience with GPGS on iOS? Is the requirement of having a google+ account repulsing to iOS users?