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In Topic: Benchmarking servers

02 September 2013 - 05:37 AM

Your question needs to be substantially more specific.

Are you looking for hardware? Software? Both? What sort of service is this server providing (i.e. what kind of game)?

Latency is trivial to measure: send a packet to the server, measure the time to get a reply. Uptime is also trivial: run it. See how long it stays running.

Other metrics are more difficult to measure, such as performance scaling characteristics and behavior at large scale loads. There are techniques for that but probably significantly more advanced than you're looking for at this point.

Either way, more clarity on what you're trying to do would be helpful.


Excuse the late reply.

My question actually came from reading about benchmarking web servers (the software side). It seems for benchmarking web servers there is general set of things one is to look out for. But when it comes to gaming servers there doesn't seem to be a general benchmark which is set out. To me it seemed that the server worked for the game or didn't, not many results or comparisons against other gaming servers.


Luckily on my gaming server I decided to implement a HTTP port, I was already passing JSON messages on my standard port so it wasn't that difficult to extend. So I'll guess benchmark my server against Apache Bench or something similar will do. I just need some other web servers to compare my results against. It can't be no standard web server either, it has to be one which could be used for gaming as well. I tried searching online but maybe I'm using the wrong set of key words to search with.

In Topic: Peer-to-peer gaming networks

22 August 2013 - 09:53 AM

Thanks for the suggestions, I'm currently concentrating more on JXTA

In Topic: Peer-to-peer gaming networks

24 July 2013 - 02:52 PM

I've still been searching online for P2P gaming networks & I'm failing to find any (despite all the research which has been conducted in this field).

I've thought instead of mindlessly searching for P2P gaming networks, I should rather conduct my research against P2P networks which have attributes which are linked to the requirements needed in a P2P gaming network. I need to investigate:consistency, fault tolerance, scalability, latency & availability.


Which P2P networks can the gamedev community recommend for me to use in testing? Each individual P2P network does need to have all of the above capability's but as a collection I can compare certain attributes to my network.

In Topic: Peer-to-peer gaming networks

08 July 2013 - 06:15 PM

Yes, hybrid systems as those you have mentioned will do. Care to mention anymore?


Basically for my test cases I'm going to throw some dummy messages into the network & measure reliability of message delivery, latency, fault tolerance & other factors. I'm not looking to plug in a real game at this point.

In Topic: How do peer-to-peer games work?

05 March 2012 - 04:08 PM

I came across this topic so I feel there is no need to start a new one.

Just some questions. Does this mean the system which x-box uses still contain problems which face dedicated servers as well? By this I mean that if the elected server was somehow to drop out the whole game session would end.

Are there limits to how many clients can join the game? If I recall Modern Warfare has a max of 18 players but what if the broadband speed of the elected server can only handle up to 10 clients before issues such as lag start. Will the server allow there to be more than 10 clients or will it know when to cut off the amount of players? (Most of my gaming is LAN based so I'm not sure if this holds true xbox live games)

Is there any documentation which I can read up one how the matchmaking system selects a server and what protocols are used for x-box online games?