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Life at Demergo Studios > Well...we're back! (and I just found out flipcode is back too!)

Posted 08 January 2013

Hello Everyone!Well I haven't posted on here in a while, but I am posting again, primarily to say that after a few months hiatus, the guys at Demergo are back together again and are working on a new project. Our aim for this project is small, simple, and completely cross-platform.Our goal is to have our game finished no later than mid-February. We are usi...

Life at Demergo Studios > function.repair Now Available in the Apple App Store

Posted 20 June 2012

function.repair is now available on the App Store! For a limited time get it for 99 cents!

Link to App Store:http://itunes.apple....21235?ls=1&mt=8

Function.repair is a fresh new 2D platform shooter with a...

Life at Demergo Studios > function.repair Goes Live In the App Store Tomorrow

Posted 19 June 2012

Hey everyone! I hope you’re as excited as we are, because tomorrow – June 20th – function.repair will be available for download! We’ll also be putting up a new trailer showing some of the multiplayer! The game should be available by mid-day, but if you check the app store and can’t find it,...

Life at Demergo Studios > Update...

Posted 01 June 2012

Hey everyone this is Todd,

I just wanted to give a quick updated on the status of function.repair. If you haven't been following us on our facebook page, go do that now, because that is, and probably always will be the most up-to-date source for fucntion.repair and anything Demergo related. While we submitted the app to Apple, they took their sweet old...

Life at Demergo Studios > function.repair Gameplay Trailer

Posted 30 April 2012

Hey everybody! This is Omni, artist at Demergo Studios, here to present our gameplay trailer! We've been hard at work over the past week putting things together in order to present you with footage that is truly representative of what you can expect when you play the game. Do keep in mind that the footage is of a game that is still currently in...