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07 January 2013 - 12:03 PM

So I am currently making a game and I want to have online multiplayer 1v1. I have never done any type of networking before and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of good tutorials. I have looked and am having a hard time finding anything. I am using C++ and SFML.

SFML help

15 December 2012 - 09:21 PM

If I am sending sf::Sprite objects between classes should I be using pointers?

Perlin Noise help

19 November 2012 - 10:42 PM

So I want to make a game with a procedural generated map using Perlin noise but im having issues. I have read up on Perlin Noise so I know what is going on behind the scenes but when I try to implement it it just looks like incoherent garbage. So I am using the code from this link http://stackoverflow...ion-for-terrain . I dont know if the code I am using is funky or if I have implemented it wrong. I have tried to use code from another site and that failed also.

[source lang="cpp"]#pragma onceclass PerlinNoise{public: // Constructor PerlinNoise(); PerlinNoise(double _persistence, double _frequency, double _amplitude, int _octaves, int _randomseed); // Get Height double GetHeight(double x, double y) const; // Get double Persistence() const { return persistence; } double Frequency() const { return frequency; } double Amplitude() const { return amplitude; } int Octaves() const { return octaves; } int RandomSeed() const { return randomseed; } // Set void Set(double _persistence, double _frequency, double _amplitude, int _octaves, int _randomseed); void SetPersistence(double _persistence) { persistence = _persistence; } void SetFrequency( double _frequency) { frequency = _frequency; } void SetAmplitude( double _amplitude) { amplitude = _amplitude; } void SetOctaves( int _octaves) { octaves = _octaves; } void SetRandomSeed( int _randomseed) { randomseed = _randomseed; }private: double Total(double i, double j) const; double GetValue(double x, double y) const; double Interpolate(double x, double y, double a) const; double Noise(int x, int y) const; double persistence, frequency, amplitude; int octaves, randomseed;};[/source]

[source lang="cpp"]#include "PerlinNoise.h"PerlinNoise::PerlinNoise(){ persistence = 0; frequency = 0; amplitude = 0; octaves = 0; randomseed = 0;}PerlinNoise::PerlinNoise(double _persistence, double _frequency, double _amplitude, int _octaves, int _randomseed){ persistence = _persistence; frequency = _frequency; amplitude = _amplitude; octaves = _octaves; randomseed = 2 + _randomseed * _randomseed;}void PerlinNoise::Set(double _persistence, double _frequency, double _amplitude, int _octaves, int _randomseed){ persistence = _persistence; frequency = _frequency; amplitude = _amplitude; octaves = _octaves; randomseed = 2 + _randomseed * _randomseed;}double PerlinNoise::GetHeight(double x, double y) const{ return amplitude * Total(x, y);}double PerlinNoise::Total(double i, double j) const{ //properties of one octave (changing each loop) double t = 0.0f; double _amplitude = 1; double freq = frequency; for(int k = 0; k < octaves; k++) { t += GetValue(j * freq + randomseed, i * freq + randomseed) * _amplitude; _amplitude *= persistence; freq *= 2; } return t;}double PerlinNoise::GetValue(double x, double y) const{ int Xint = (int)x; int Yint = (int)y; double Xfrac = x - Xint; double Yfrac = y - Yint; //noise values double n01 = Noise(Xint-1, Yint-1); double n02 = Noise(Xint+1, Yint-1); double n03 = Noise(Xint-1, Yint+1); double n04 = Noise(Xint+1, Yint+1); double n05 = Noise(Xint-1, Yint); double n06 = Noise(Xint+1, Yint); double n07 = Noise(Xint, Yint-1); double n08 = Noise(Xint, Yint+1); double n09 = Noise(Xint, Yint); double n12 = Noise(Xint+2, Yint-1); double n14 = Noise(Xint+2, Yint+1); double n16 = Noise(Xint+2, Yint); double n23 = Noise(Xint-1, Yint+2); double n24 = Noise(Xint+1, Yint+2); double n28 = Noise(Xint, Yint+2); double n34 = Noise(Xint+2, Yint+2); //find the noise values of the four corners double x0y0 = 0.0625*(n01+n02+n03+n04) + 0.125*(n05+n06+n07+n08) + 0.25*(n09); double x1y0 = 0.0625*(n07+n12+n08+n14) + 0.125*(n09+n16+n02+n04) + 0.25*(n06); double x0y1 = 0.0625*(n05+n06+n23+n24) + 0.125*(n03+n04+n09+n28) + 0.25*(n08); double x1y1 = 0.0625*(n09+n16+n28+n34) + 0.125*(n08+n14+n06+n24) + 0.25*(n04); //interpolate between those values according to the x and y fractions double v1 = Interpolate(x0y0, x1y0, Xfrac); //interpolate in x direction (y) double v2 = Interpolate(x0y1, x1y1, Xfrac); //interpolate in x direction (y+1) double fin = Interpolate(v1, v2, Yfrac); //interpolate in y direction return fin;}double PerlinNoise::Interpolate(double x, double y, double a) const{ double negA = 1.0 - a; double negASqr = negA * negA; double fac1 = 3.0 * (negASqr) - 2.0 * (negASqr * negA); double aSqr = a * a; double fac2 = 3.0 * aSqr - 2.0 * (aSqr * a); return x * fac1 + y * fac2; //add the weighted factors}double PerlinNoise::Noise(int x, int y) const{ int n = x + y * 57; n = (n << 13) ^ n; int t = (n * (n * n * 15731 + 789221) + 1376312589) & 0x7fffffff; return 1.0 - double(t) * 0.931322574615478515625e-9;/// 1073741824.0);}[/source]

Those files I borrowed and this is my implementation. This is not my exact code but its the important stuff
[source lang="cpp"]float persistence = 1; float frequency = 3; float amplitude = 64; int octaves = 6; int seed = SDL_GetTicks(); PerlinNoise NoiseGenerator(persistence,frequency,amplitude,octaves,seed); for(int x = 0; x < 64; x++) for(int y = 0; y < 48; y++) { //I add 128 becuase I should get a range from roughly //-128 to 128 so adding 128 gives me the full range of color int a = (int)(NoiseGenerator.GetHeight(x,y) + 128); SDL_FillRect(screen,&rect, SDL_MapRGB( fmt, a, a, a)); }[/source]

SDL light effects

18 July 2012 - 09:05 PM

So I want to make a game that uses light. I want the player to be able to be in a dark room and carry a light so the area around him lights up. I am not exactly sure how to go about doing this so if someone could explain the best way to go about doing this or point me in the direction of a tutorial that would be nice.


23 May 2012 - 11:27 PM

When I create a window and make it fullscreen in SDL it doesnt go completely fullscreen. It leaves me with black bars on the side. Anyone know why this could be?