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Stormynature's Miscellanea > The GameDev.net community sucks

Posted 06 October 2016

Okay so I lied. In reality it is a great community filled with many amazing people. 
However now that my odious tactic of a clickbait title has got you in here. 
Please go to and please vote on: 
And if by chance you already have. Then I offer you...

Project StickandCarrot > Torches, pitchforks, angry villager mobs and homicidal rabbits have no hope when facing...

Posted 03 August 2013

So about two weeks ago Dragonsoulj and I decided to team up to create a game. Easiest step in the world "Let's make a game!!!!!!" Okay so what's our game going to be about? Well up until this point in time we had been discussing the creation of a horror-based game and positing some rough ideas and then we had this conversation (I had been incommunicado f...

Project Veritas - Working title > Why a Game Writer is more important than the Programmer in a Team

Posted 01 February 2013

Want to be a writer? Forget it mate! You are better off learning to program, now that's a useful skill.I love these words. They remind me of the time I hit my head against the wall repeatedly as a small child. Don't ask me why I was doing that by the way, I suspect I may have knocked the reason for doing so right out of my head.I am a writer.Writing is a...

Project Veritas - Working title > All of my ideas are free for you to steal unless I work on one in which case STOP THIEF...

Posted 01 February 2013

A brief glimpse into the minds of the Builders. Why are there monsters? They are small things that have crept and crawled through the cracks madeby the tower. They are nothing more than spiders in an abandoned house.Why was the tower left incomplete? Our families were not building a path to hell. They were building a path toour realm which lies in a simil...

Project Veritas - Working title > This is where your fear begins (aka Oh crap, I wet myself...)

Posted 04 August 2012

...Again Posted Image

It turns out that we, the human species cannot help but try to stick a label on anything and everything. So when I first started researching horror in order to gain an insight...