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In Topic: Just finished designing a game.

05 June 2016 - 01:17 PM


I didn't make the card and board games, it was OP who never showed up in his thread again. 





My apologies - I can only blame 5am as an excuse for my inattentiveness.

In Topic: Just finished designing a game.

05 June 2016 - 12:57 PM



The idea I proposed was that I could lay in an amount to debunk the idea-guy theory.

The only difference between an "idea guy" and an "idea guy contributing $50K" is a little bit of money.



Where I said I could lay in perhaps 50K and max 100K you pick the lowest number for what reason? To make a stronger point?





It didn't matter if he chose the higher number - both numbers are basically irrelevant when it comes to medium up to larger developments. 





Some notes


You mentioned that you have developed some card games and board games in the past. Did you ever pursue these into commercial enterprises?


You can imagine an idea, work out it's math and it may seem by all accounts and feedback to be the bee's knees of a great game idea, only to find that in practicality at the game development stage that it simply does not translate into a game people are interested in/enjoy playing (prototyping is where you hopefully learn these problems).


It is not an uncommon occurrence on these forums that we have someone new join and talk of their game idea and how they have developed it out on pen and paper. The advice given to you here may at times seem harsh or cynical or even may be interpreted by you as being rude or wrong. Please understand that you have been answered by some who have shipped many games in their careers, some who have worked on projects that incorporate 10's of millions as their budgets, but mostly you have been answered by some that are and continue to be in the "industry" of game development i.e. they have the experience and understanding of issues that you are unaware of but will no doubt face if you pursue this. This is not meant to say forget about it and piss off, it is meant to say "reality check". Accept the reality that there are a crap ton of issues you will need to wade through (regardless of what particular stratagem you utilise to get the game made) and that some of those issues are why people are questioning, advising and at times acting as devil's advocates.

In Topic: What AI Problems do YOU want discussed at the AI Summit?

01 June 2016 - 03:50 AM


Thank you :)




Edit: I must apologise as my question should have been edited better at the time I wrote it rather than the mishmash I presented.


Murder most Fowl!     bad joke, brilliant timing :)

In Topic: The Week of Awesome IV ! - Fourth annual unofficial gamedev.net competiti...

28 May 2016 - 04:58 PM

In line with the proposal that perhaps larger prize moneys had contributed to possible angst last year, I will simply match Slicer4ever's donation of $300 to double the current pool.

In Topic: 'Week of Awesome 2016' Game Jam at GDNET?

26 May 2016 - 09:25 AM

I've actually been thinking about the competition of late, and do intend to take part if it takes place this year. ^_^



It will take place even if I have to return to reality and shovel this competition into everyone's infile :)


@Orymus I will send you a mail once I am much less sleep deprived, which given my current schedule will be in two days time.