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In Topic: What can we do to help remove the industry misconception?

Today, 11:28 AM

Let me just observe one basic fact of history that every coder who underwent any form of formal learning should know. The world's first computer programmer was a woman*. 


There are many aspects to this entire debate about what can be done to resolve the "industry misconception", indeed a large part of the problem as shown by the multiple answers and opinions in this thread clearly demonstrate that it is even difficult to establish a common ground on exactly what the misconception is, who is responsible and what should be done about it. Are there injustices/inequalities inherent in the industry?...clearly there are or this debate would not have had the traction or emotion that it has had so far. But how do you fix a set of issues that no one agrees on fully in an environment that now encompasses a lot of stakeholders outside of the industry including the so-called consumer i.e. game players. To be blunt I have no idea. I earlier touted the idea of working to change the immediate environment of yourself i.e. where you interact in real life, but that's as as I can get in terms of solutions.


Discrimination is a pervasive reality. Everyone has traces of it in them and at one point or another everyone will experience it personally directed at them for whatever reason i.e. religion, sex, age, weight, intelligence and so on. The scale of the discrimination experienced will differ from individual to individual as well group to group but it does not escape the reality that discrimination happens and will continue to happen. So how do you fight it? Any way you can...except that is not really true.




Gah it's 4.24am in the morning and I have work in 2 hours. So am just going to dump this unfinished post in the thread in the event that I find it closed when I return to the site  






* I choose to ignore the debates about the historical reality

In Topic: What can we do to help remove the industry misconception?

22 October 2014 - 10:35 PM

Of all the places this thread could have gone - this is the one place where it shouldn't be in my opinion.



There has been a adult photographer come out and reveal things about XXXX's past.

Which, surely, have zero relevance to game development.





@BHXSpecter: Totally inappropriate to have thought this contributed anything of value to the thread subject matter.

In Topic: Score voting system.

21 October 2014 - 09:12 AM

What you are proposing is actually done already, however that information can only be accessed by people with reputation of 1000 or more.


GDNET+ paid subscribers accessible through  premium membership (i.e. paid subscription). Reputation score is irrelevant.


Crossbones+  obtained via reputation (it used to be automatically at 1000 rep however I believe that this is now amended at a moderator level)   






are the rank tiers which can see who downvoted/upvoted posts.



Edit: Am not sure whether Marketplace Sellers can or can't though.

In Topic: Ads impersonating GDNet

20 October 2014 - 02:45 PM

If the site is hurting on a temporary basis it might be time to bring back the donation form and the "donated money to the site" recognition, and/or have a membership drive again.



I have no problems with this. Though I am currently unsure if I am even active under the GD-NET Subscription at the moment as my Crossbones makes me blue...which begs the question is there another way to determine this status onsite?

In Topic: Can I design & develop a game with a sub $500k budget?

20 October 2014 - 05:34 AM


- some kind of fight going here? Ones for me make "plus", others make "minus"! Who will win? Without any explanation?





There is no fight. You will be given upvotes or downvotes depending on the quality of your answer and how it pertains to thread's subject. The people who upvote/downvote may not be people who post in the thread but simply an observer. 


If you are wanting to know why you have been receiving downvotes it is very simple: The quality of your answers has not been very good. Understandably part of this is due to the English language not being your native tongue (or at least I assume so given the way you write) but the major reason is that the suggestions made in your earlier two posts were not very helpful to the subject at hand as shown by Orymus3's replies to you (who I might point out did not downvote you).


If you do have a concern regarding downvoting/upvoting or other issues - the best approach is to speak to a moderator. The worst approach is to put it into a thread such as this as it does not pertain to the subject and is more likely to garner you downvotes.


I apologise to the thread for the deviation away from the subject.