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In Topic: I can't buy Digital Homicide Studios games from Steam anymore...

21 September 2016 - 05:54 AM

I cannot help but feel the OP is a troll post. If your argument is that you base your video game purchases on the negative recommendations by Jim Sterling, then by all means you can always buy direct from their shopfront. If however your post is simply a backdoor way of illustrating the current woes of Digital Homicide, I probably would have preferred a post that went into the arguments in a logical and well thought out manner. There is definitely meat on the bone when it comes to the issues that arise in the various claims and counterclaims amongst the various parties (Jim Sterling, Digital Homicide and Valve recent steps) that could account for some interesting conversations.








In Topic: What cities outside the US have a reputation for innovation in games?

07 September 2016 - 10:25 AM

The Arcade is the only hub I can think of in Australia that might vaguely meet your definitions.

In Topic: The Value of Procedural Generation

07 September 2016 - 10:12 AM

I'm sure most of you are sick and tired of seeing "Procedurally Generated" in the blurb of almost every game nowadays


I don't base my game purchases on something as simple as this. I purchase games on the basis of whether it will be fun to play or whether it might be fun to play and occasionally because I want to see how a particular feature has been implemented. 



Procedural generation is like any other tool/technique, used well it can enhance a game considerably, used poorly it can diminish the experience, But that can pretty much be said for any of the tools/techniques in game development. However I am in no hurried belief that the variety of applicable uses that procedural generation might bring to a game have all been explored, so arguing a limitation of their use doesn't really hold water with me.


Beyond that, given that the OP seems to be more of an opinion, wouldn't this thread be better served in the lounge rather that in Game Design as it is not actually seeking any feedback directly? 

In Topic: Microscopic Evolution Game

02 September 2016 - 01:06 AM

A fairly old game Evolution: The game of intelligent life came to mind when I first read your post.


1) Are you in over your head? Probably, mainly because if you had to ask that question then you already have doubts regarding your abilities and current skill sets. The good news is they are things you can improve upon to the point, that what may have been over your head does not remain so.


2) Start with a basic set of features and very simplistic gameplay - as you master that level, add new gameplay elements like the ability to evolve tentacle or suckers and then stabilise your new dynamic before again growing the game with new elements/features. Set timelines and meet them and most importantly - recognise when you may have been a bit too ambitious and scale it back until you can build back up again.


3) A simple measure of success is not having you species diminish in population to the point of unsustainability or grow to the point that the environment cannot sustain the levels before failing on a catastrophic level.


4) Even a serious minority can make a game profitable.


5) Measuring progress or goals can very much depend on the type of game/minigames you develop. For example if you developed a microscopic king of the hill game where multiple players are trying to kill each other and evolve in the process - the goal would be "Alive at the end". 


6) Narrow down your design to what is achievable and build from there.

In Topic: Week of Awesome IV - The after party/judging thread

29 August 2016 - 07:32 AM

 It's really cool to see one of the Week of Awesome entries (or its post-competition polished form, I presume)



Nope. That was the entry quality that won last year. Yup some minor changes according to the gamejolt page i.e. some additional sounds etc.


Hopefully their intention last year to make this into a full fledged game is progressing.


Which apparently is the case