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In Topic: Moderator verification

23 October 2016 - 04:31 PM

What made Help wanted and now Classifieds so different that it requires much stricter rules?


Well essentially they are very different from what the other forums cater to.


Forums such as "For Beginners", "Game Design" and "Business and Law" are forums that cater to people who are seeking help, advice or feedback with a specific problem(s) or issue(s). Oftentimes the OP may not know how to describe the issue clearly as they themselves don't know the right words to use or have the knowledge to make directed questions. Moreover the very different natures of the forums mentioned might result in one forum being populated with code dumps, another forum with art, and another populated by bullet points. You might argue that we could apply strict formatting rules to these sections but it would in my opinion be detrimental to the health of the forums and the community and an unnecessary barrier to the many initial posters who turn up to ask a question and then disappear into the wilds never to be seen again.


Job advertisements tend to follow pro forma though - this also applies in the world. A person reading a job advertisement would have a reasonable expectation to see the Name of the Employer, the job title, a description of works (this may also come as an attachment or in person if informal recruitment), a remuneration description and a contact. Special conditions such as location of employment may also be included. Recruitment ads can definitely come in different styles - but the information is normally common to all.


As to other reason's (i.e. why Gamedev does this) I can only refer to Khawk's post above.



At times, we spent more time and effort policing the formatting and rules than having some form of discussion about the projects and offers.


This point I do agree with though. Not for the paid job advertisements in the Classifieds (which imo is appropriate) but rather the current Hobby Projects Classifieds Forum. Its current implementation has enabled interested parties to engage with the OP. I do note though, not many people take that opportunity up though.

In Topic: Moderator verification

23 October 2016 - 11:09 AM

It had very strict rules about formatting etc, which always seemed overkill to me.


It never hurts to start instilling professional levels of presentation, even for 13 year olds with the next WoW killer. Those whom are already capable of it would find the format relatively straightforward and those not used to it would "essentially" adapt to a new form.



 At times, we spent more time and effort policing the formatting and rules than having some form of discussion about the projects and offers.


In a forum filled with coders bound by their esoteric rules of suitable names, commenting, structure etc, are you truly surprised that this also gives rise to a demographic spike inside GameDev.net that leans to rigidity of form?



However the above are simply opinions and in no way dictate the actual reasons behind your questions. I do like freewheeling discussions but I also appreciate that if someone is trying to sell me on a game or recruit me on a game, that the information is concise, relevant and informative. Most times I find that people are not the best communicators when freewheeling their stream of consciousness onto a post, but give them "guidelines" in terms of presentation they tend to output something more palatable to understanding.

In Topic: A snapshot history of Gamedev.net looks

12 October 2016 - 07:06 AM

Oh, lol, I assumed those were going to be forum snapshots.  I pretty much never use the main page so I don't actually have memories of most of those, despite being an active member of gamedev the whole time.


As far as the forums go, remember the version that used green crystals for some of the icons?  I always wanted to see a black background version wit a more developed blue or violet crystal theme.


You will find that most of the snapshots will actually let you travel deeper into the website as it was at that time i.e. into forums and topics themselves.

In Topic: Our Ghosts of War - A 400km2 World War 2 Sandbox Survival Game Developed in UE4

12 October 2016 - 05:30 AM

You might consider transitioning over to game dev journals on this site which will enable you to segment what is in all likelihood going to be a sizeable thread. This would better enable traffic and feedback to your posts imho.  

In Topic: Bulk key purchase price

12 October 2016 - 04:05 AM

but I think it's way under what is reasonable at this time. 


You have effectively answered your own question here.




I think you should consider who they are, what they intend to do with them, how many keys they want, and the effect on your revenue and your brands in the worst case.



From what you described I'd ask them to verify themselves, then take it all to the distributor (Steam?) and see if they can help stop the group or issue alerts,


There are a number of "marketing" groups prevalent on steam that approach greenlight developers and offer to "boost" their yes votes via a variety of different mechanisms. Essentially however what they do is trade off free keys to a bunch of kiddies in their group in return for them having voted yes on a greenlight item. Effectively "gaming" the current greenlight process. The cost of buying bulk keys being less than the received "fee" for marketing. You may have run into one of these entities.



Verifying who they are, what their intended purpose is and how this will affect your business and reputation are all important things to give due consideration to, but so is the potential financial benefit of said sale.