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In Topic: Looking for an artist with ideas for a game.

Yesterday, 03:11 PM

Hello Jay - Unfortunately you really should have posted this in the Hobby Project Classifieds Subforum. Don't go and make new post there though, a moderator will most likely move it over there sometime soonish.


Some advice - you might wish to specify game genres that your coding level can handle for example 2D platformer. Simply saying that you are pretty good in your own opinion does not indicate anything of meaning, to prospective partners. You might be 13 years old, but that does not preclude you from presenting yourself in a more professional format.


Best of luck.

In Topic: Does anyone have any advice for my unique situation?

Yesterday, 08:36 AM

FYI, my big claim to fame is i wrote SIMTrek, the world first star trek flight sim.


My claim to fame is having read through this thread. (This is obviously a sad attempt at humour btw)


In reading this thread two things become readily apparent to me:


1.)  Kavik Kang -- You talk too much.


By this, I mean you endeavour to explain things to a degree of complexity that really isn't needed most of the time. This is not intended as an insult I assure you. If someone has a query to a particular point, answer it simply and with brevity don't digress it into a broader scope encompassing more than what was the basic query.


2.) This thread is about:




But I still really would like to get advice about what I might do to actually get to make my games,



Everything that wanders off from this is rather pointless as it doesn't go to what this thread is actually concerned with.







 I began "designing games" when I was 7 years old.  My parents got me a children's game called "Payday".  But I didn't have anyone to play it with, my brother was only 2.  But that wasn't a problem, because Payday could play itself.  So I would just play Payday against it's built-in "AI".  At 7, that's how I saw it.  I kept doing this throughout my childhood with many different children's games like Payday.  Then when I was 13, I think, maybe 14, Axis & Allies came out.  Once I had played that a few times, I applied my "board game AI" to Axis & Allies.  This was very, very challenging.  It was simple with children's games, but making Axis & Allies play itself was an entirely different matter.  It took months.  Russia is easy, they were playing themselves almost immediately.  America was hard.  England was even more difficult... and Japan.  Japan took a very long time to work out.  In the end, I could either pick a nation and play Axis & Allies against my own "board game AI", or I could not even play at all, and just watch my "board game AI" control all five nations.  This "Axis & Allies" version of my "Board Game AI" is a fundamental component of "Rube", and how I make games.



My advice: You have been so focused on the video game industry that you have forgotten your roots. What is to stop you from establishing proof of concept utilising existing board games or developing your own based on your current designs. This is not a level of technology that you are incapable of as demonstrated by the above quote and there are more than sufficient examples of board games that have been licensed into video games. Successfully selling a board game would also raise the possibilty of self-financing your video game developments. To be quite blunt, there is a huge market out there for board games.






Edit (amendment) 


But now, as you see, I did get the answer I was looking for.  I'm going to do what JBAdams suggested and make a prototype of the cold war game as a board game.  Apparently that would be an acceptable prototype, he says it's even been done that way before.  That works great for me, I know exactly how to do that.  That is easy.  I am probably 6 months away from having a complete version since I can't work on it 10 hours a day to do it in three months from where I already am, but I can definitely do that.  So that is what I am going to do.


Possibly due to the late hour I didn't read this correctly and so my advice is actually somewhat behind the times. Best of luck with development of board game.

In Topic: Unlockable characters with their own story?

Yesterday, 08:00 AM

You might wish to look at software suited to the sort of organisation you are looking for such as Articydraft.


There are also free software tools as well i.e. A link to an old thread covering some of these tools.

In Topic: No Man's Sky

23 August 2016 - 04:48 AM

"They overpromised, and massively so" - can you give a short example? (No need for another essay.) I've not seen many actual promises, just a lot of discussion that could imply several things.


Probably the closest thing to an answer to your question -- it isn't short though.

In Topic: Week of Awesome IV - The after party/judging thread

22 August 2016 - 12:56 AM

Between having no net for most of the Week of Awesome IV and a somewhat crazy workload, I never managed to travel around the various entrants and their progression throughout the week. So as a way of embracing the collective of participants, whether as an entrant or on the administrative side of the event I offer you many proverbial claps on the shoulder and my admiration at how everything ran.


Well done all and I look forward to all of you returning to next year's Week of Awesome V.