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Online Game Distributors List for Indie Game Developers

08 August 2013 - 12:23 PM

Hey Folks,


Currently I am drawing up a list of all the active Online Game Distributors that Indie developers can publish their game through. I would be appreciative if you could link any that I missed - this applies to any platforms or device i.e. mobile, PC, console.


  1. 6Waves http://www.6waves.com/developers/social Browser Android iOS
  2. Acid-Play http://acid-play.com/about/add-games PC Mac Freeware
  3. Aeria Games http://www.aeriagames.com/contact  PC Browser Android iOS
  4. ***Amazon really long link disguise PC Mac Linux Browser Android iOS
  5. AppStore https://developer.apple.com/appstore/index.html Mac iOS
  6. Archive Gameshttp://www.archivegames.net/developers.php PC Linux
  7. Armor Games http://armorgames.com/developers-corner PC Browser Android iOS 
  8. ***Atari Interactive http://www.atari.com/arcade/developers/atari-arcade-developer-program   no longer publishing - but relevant dev content
  9. Awomo http://www.awomo.com/page/publishers_developers PC
  10. Beamdog http://www.beamdog.com/about/distribution PC Mac Linux
  11. Bigfish Games http://www.bigfishgames.com/company/game-developer.html PC Mac Browser Android iOS
  12. Bigpoint Games http://devlounge.bigpoint.net/ Browser
  13. BlackBerry World https://developer.blackberry.com/ Blackberry Android
  14. BMT Micro http://www.bmtmicro.com/developer-new.html PC Mac Linux 
  15. CiiNOW http://www.ciinow.com/games-on-the-cloud/ PC Mac Android
  16. Deliver2Mac http://www.deliver2mac.com/ Mac
  17. Desura http://www.desura.com/development PC Mac Linux Browser
  18. DotEmu Games http://www.dotemu.com/en PC Browser Android iOS
  19. FireFlower Games http://fireflowergames.com/about-us/  PC Mac Linux
  20. GameAgent http://www.gameagent.com/ Mac
  21. GameHouse http://partners.gamehouse.com/ PC Mac Browser Android iOS 
  22. Gameolith http://www.gameolith.com/partners/ PC Mac Linux Android
  23. GamersGate http://www.gamersgate.com/info/contact PC Mac 
  24. ***GameShadow http://gameshadow.com/
  25. GamesPlanet http://uk.gamesplanet.com/ PC Mac
  26. GameStreamer http://www.gamestreamer.net/home.aspx PC Mac
  27. GameTap http://www.gametap.com/about-gametap.html PC
  28. GameTree Mac http://transgaming.com/cider Mac
  29. GetGames http://www.getgamesgo.com/AboutUs PC Mac
  30. GetJar http://developer.getjar.com/ Android
  31. Good Old Games http://www.gog.com/support/contact/business PC Mac
  32. ***Google Play http://developer.android.com/index.html Android
  33. Green Man Gaming http://www.greenmangaming.com/publishers-developers/  PC
  34. Handango http://store.handango.com/DeveloperInformation.jsp?siteId=1&CKey=DEV_FAQ#new1 Android Apple_iPhone Symbian Windows_Mobile Blackberry Palm
  35. Impulse https://developer.impulsedriven.com/ PC
  36. IndieDB http://www.indiedb.com/games/add PC Mac Linux iPhone X360 Wii PS3 PSP DS
  37. IndieCity http://store.indiecity.com/developers PC
  38. ***IndieGala http://www.indiegala.com/galafund#.UgXTLOx--Uk     Note: am hesitant on this one atm as it appears to be a packager
  39. IndieGameStand https://indiegamestand.com/developers/ PC Mac Linux
  40. IndiePub Games http://www.indiepubentertainment.com/about/ PC Android iOS
  41. Indievania http://indievania.com/content/developer-register PC Mac Linux
  42. Intel Appup http://software.intel.com/appup Android Windows HTML5
  43. KawaGames http://en.kawagames.com/developers PC Mac Linux
  44. Kongregate http://developers.kongregate.com/ Browser
  45. Little Indie http://www.littleindie.net/jade.php?showpage=developer&language=en  PC Linux KDE
  46. Mac App Store https://developer.apple.com/ Mac iOS 
  47. Mac Game Store https://www.macgamestore.com/information/Publishers/ Mac
  48. MacUpdatehttps://www.macupdate.com/developers/login Mac
  49. ***Metaboli http://www.metaboli.co.uk/
  50. MindJolt  http://developer.mindjolt.com/ Browser
  51. Miniclip http://corporate.miniclip.com/page/view/developers Browser Android iOS Windows_Phone
  52. Newgrounds http://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/creator-resources Browser
  53. Nintendo https://wiiu-developers.nintendo.com/ Wii 
  54. OnLive http://games.onlive.com/corporate/plugin PC Mac Android
  55. Opera Mobile Store http://publishers.apps.opera.com/ Android iOS Windows_Phone
  56. Origin http://www.origin.com/publishing PC Mac
  57. Ouya http://www.ouya.tv/develop/ Android
  58. OVI Store https://publish.nokia.com/login Windows_Phone
  59. PlayStation Store http://us.playstation.com/develop/ PlayStation
  60. Playism http://www.playism-games.com/creators/Creators-main.html PC Mac Browser
  61. Rain DG http://www.raindg.com/about PC Mac Linux
  62. Rice Digital http://www.ricedigital.co.uk/       Japanese Indie Games only 
  63. Samsung Apps http://developer.samsung.com/home.do Android
  64. ShinyLoot [Beta]  http://www.shinyloot.com/ PC Mac Linux
  65. Shockwave http://www.shockwave.com/about/developers.jsp PC Browser
  66. ShowMeTheGames http://www.showmethegames.com/ PC Mac Linux
  67. Steam Greenlight http://steamcommunity.com/greenlight PC Mac Linux 
  68. Ubuntu Software Centre http://developer.ubuntu.com/ Linux
  69. Wildtangent https://developer.wildtangent.com/ PC Browser Android iOS
  70. Xbox live  http://www.xbox.com/en-US/developers PC XBox Windows_Phone
  71. Yahoo! Games http://developer.yahoo.com/yap/guide/faq/index.html PC Mac Linux Browser
  72. Ztorm http://www.ztorm.com/services/publishers/ PC Mac Linux



http://www.mobyaffiliates.com/blog/mobile-app-stores-list/   to be weaved in




Thanks in advance


Edit: I should point out this list is constantly being edited atm to include new finds so it is not static. I have numbered them as a reference point so that you know if it grows more.

Body parts

01 August 2013 - 09:36 AM

So am currently mucking around with a rough concept with Dragonsoulj for a platformer game where the player literally uses parts of themselves as tools in order to progress through the levels for example: A player might tear out an eye and toss it in a direction to gain a viewpoint opening up a fog of war or extract their intestines for use as a rope to climb up a high section. Of course being only initial inceptions everything is up in the air as to how we fully approach this...for example do we incorporate a frankenstein approach by where you scavenge further body parts to attach to yourself or utilise as tools, can you only carry a certain amount of body parts in which case selecting the right ones might make navigating a level easier or perhaps as you progress through each level you scavenge your own body parts using them up as you push through endeavouring to make it to the other end.


What ever we ultimately end up with I don't know...it's still early days. But the reason I am writing this post is to ask you for the following:


In what ways could you make use of your own body parts to create tools or interactable elements that might serve you in a navigating a platformer? Be creative...be outrageous (but clean).


Should I detach a leg and an eyeball and play golf?  I look forward to your responses.

Placing a cap on the number of downvotes that can be done on a post.

23 July 2013 - 07:23 AM

I would like to suggest that downvotes on a post be locked once having achieved an arbitrary number eg: -10. A number this low should clearly delineate that there is something wrong with the post but at the same time it stops the effect of literally having the reputation of a person savaged to the point of removing what might have taken years to build up in good posts.

Post a Random Sample of your work

15 July 2013 - 08:58 AM

So earlier this evening I was talking with a gentlemen who basically made me realise that despite having been on this site for 18 months or so I have never really posted a piece of my writing which got me to thinking that I hadn't really seen many other's writings either. So here is the thread to do so. Throw a small sample in...it doesn't need to be complete, it can be on any subject but it should be sufficiently large enough to give a taste of your style. Think of it as a way to demonstrate your ability and advertise yourself in a public forum filled with people ready to cut you to shreds on the smallest typo. By way of demonstration here is an opening of mine to a piece I am currently working on 





In the hours of loneliest night

I set down these words by the lamp’s light

For I wish to record a most wonderful tale

Of a prince and a princess and the dragon’s scale


It all began on a cold winter’s night

When a little village awoke in fright

At the horrible sound of some beast’s roar

Then all fell silent and they slept once more


It wasn’t till dawn when they found they horse

Half eaten up that they knew the source

The manner of beast which in the night did wail

For lying on the ground was a dragon’s scale


It was large as a cartwheel and made of gold

And when it was lifted took three men to hold

Laughter broke out and they all capered around

But amidst the excitement an old man frowned


Stop this foolishness the man cried to the crowd

Waiting for silence before speaking out loud

‘Tis an evil gift evil indeed

For dragon’s gold fills a heart with greed


You all know the legends and what they tell

Look not at the gold or deeper the spell

We must take it away before we are lost

And only evil into our hearts has crossed


I fear not this spell spoke a stranger from the side

I fear nothing at all ‘cept my soon-to-be bride

And if you allow me I would buy your scale

For it pleases me with its yellow so pale


The crowd turned as the stranger’s voice spoke

And saw a young man in threadbare cloak

Who are you asked the old man his eyes ablaze

That treads forward a fool where a wise man stays


Who am I you ask in a voice that demands

Why I’m Prince Kiranon from far distant lands

Searching the world for the one I’ll marry

Going on where a wise man would tarry


Then Kiranon removed his threadbare cloak

Causing the old man to near have a stroke

For revealed to all was armour and sword

Of such quality befitting a lord


“You said night twice.”


“You ended with night twice. It’s right at the beginning and it breaks the story straight away.”

“You do realise my young prince, and not withstanding that it is way past your bed time, that writing is either best done in solitude or in collaboration with other writers and never...ever with a critic peering down in judgement over one’s shoulder right at the moment of its creation?”

“But isn’t it better to fix up your mistakes straight away to avoid repeating them?”

 “Mistakes! Get out! Get out before I call the guards to return you to your bed.”

The young prince pulled back to the doorway. “You also ended with ‘cloak’ twice” and closed the door.




Hope you liked it and I look forward to others who also step in with submissions

Giving away 4 x RPG Maker VX Ace to those who would use it

14 July 2013 - 02:34 AM

Well Steam summer sale is on and I thought to myself I would buy the RPG Maker VX Ace x 4 pack for an unexpected random giveaway to some members of Gamedev. Now whilst it is not everyone's cup of tea I have no doubt some may find it interesting, useful and maybe ...just maybe someone will actually use it to create a game.


So here is the deal.


If you want a copy for legitimate reasons then please elucidate away.


The requirements: you must be on Steam and one of the four who receives the pack will have to hive off the three copies to other parties.