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Java or C++?

14 February 2012 - 11:31 AM

Hello, hopefully I wont get bashed too much for this question. I've been programming in Java for a while now and I started to get interested in programming games. I would love to get a job in the game industry and I've seen that C++ is pretty much the standard(?) there.
So now to my question; Should I start learning C++ to make games or keep programming java?

Worth to note: I've always wanted to be a java programmer or work in the game industry. Seeing as C++ is the standard language in the games industry my two interests kind of clash with each other.
I also don't want any heated arguments where people bash each other for their choice of language.
I just want to know if C++ really is the standard language in the game industry and if I should start programming in it if I want a job making games?

Cheers :)