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In Topic: Ideas derived from existing games

17 August 2013 - 02:25 PM

I think that most game designers can think of at least 20 different what-if outcomes of already existing stories in about 1 hour. The clue is to try to come up with an entirely unique storyline from bottom up. I think your procedure could be a nice way to find those stories though, like first thinking about existing games and alternatives within that, and then create something unique based on it.


- What if Link and Ganon were actually the same person and Link realized this at the end of a Zelda game?

- What if the Ganon that Link fought was actually Zelda in disguise, as a puppet under the control of the real Ganon. So he makes you kill the one you're trying to save.

- What if Link is actually Zelda, and in reality it's Zelda trying to save Link from the King, and Ganon is her benevolent father? and Epona is a dragon smoking a pipe.


One of the great qualities of Quentin Tarantino, for instance, is his ability to take the viewers expectations and turn it completely upside down.

He's a master of the "WTF moment". smile.png


Well, no offence, but I personally think that none of the three proposals would fit in the Zelda Universe. Irrelevant to that, though, I think that it's generally kind of oblivious to decimate the central character like that at the end of a game when all the psychological attachments between the player and that character (which are the most important) have beed developed and solidified. Perhaps a Butterfly Effect or or a Tarantino videogame would be more appropriate for that kind of stuff, although I still think that watching a movie for 2 hours is completely different than controlling a character for 25 (also what would happen gameplay wise?). Tastes differ though so there could be some audience there for you.

As for the topic (deriving ideas for stories from existing games) I believe there's no better way for someone to learn or improve himself as a writer, than by analyzing stories of famous and successful videogames and trying to improve on them. This is just a place where one could come and get inspired in ways to make his stories better.

In Topic: What made Super Metroid great?

12 March 2012 - 04:01 PM

Well, I most certainly understand the breakthrough that the game was in terms of atmosphere and liveliness, actually realism of the world. I don't believe any other game of that time does a better job at actually making you feel like you ARE in this world. It's very difficult, especially for a 2D game as the brain works in 3D.

But the major achievement here, is the balance, the attention and the incredible sense of exploring an actual planet. For a 2D game I literally cannot imagine something more true and real than Super Metroid. Actually, I believe it's one of the very few 2D games that can even claim to have touched that feeling.

I personally broke down the game mechanics so I can observe more clearly what made this game so great. I learn from it in the hope of one day maybe achieving something like this. I believe that Super Metroid is an encyclopedia of game designers as it contains almost all game design mechanics of the 2D era. From strategy, to platform, to shootting, to horror, general atmophere, aim and levelling up or upgrading your character. All the essence is there in a masterfully balanced and impeccable way. This is what does Super Metroid so great and this is why it is still fun today.

In Topic: Replace part of string in C++

08 March 2012 - 03:03 PM

Thanx for the answers -Werror did the trick. The code compiles but the function doesn't seem to work as SotL noticed. So as I won't probably be able to understand through experience, can someone explain to me what this line does?

for(auto const& tag : player)

I mean it's not a regular for as there aren't three conditions but only one. So the loop just runs for all the keys of player? Does it just runs forever? Or do I have to just add the extra conditions?

In Topic: Replace part of string in C++

08 March 2012 - 04:55 AM

Ok I put it in the build command before "-Wall", which I no idea what it means btw so If someone could explain I would be grateful Posted Image, and it does complie when I #include <regex>. I'll try washu's code and see the results.

Thanx for the info!

EDIT: Ok, now I a real problem with this line

auto const &tag : player;

It ALWAYS says it needs an initializer before ':' . I suppose this initializes tag as a PlayerInfo variable with the contents of the player variable. So, why does it need an initializer before ':' and what kind of initializer am I supposed to declare?

In Topic: Replace part of string in C++

07 March 2012 - 08:30 AM

Ok, I'm using Geany. So do I add it at the build commands?