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#5086734 Ideas derived from existing games

Posted by on 17 August 2013 - 04:57 AM

So, this is part of a procedure I do quite often so I can learn the basics about writing a videogame story (I've come to call it "Story Testing"). The idea is mainly about taking the theme (meaning style, gameplay mechanics etc.) of a game and the story (which means characters, general story or even dialogues) and think about interesting ways of how you could tweak or improve these elements to make a better game (obviously this is very subjective and a good story can differ greatly from person to person). 




For example, I've been looking at some trailers for The Wind Waker HD (which will be released in October) and I've been thinking that a pretty cool character that's been missing from the game is the romance of Link's sister. I imagine him as a kind of a goofy guy (kid really) that after Link's sister has been taken he embarks on a journey of his own to save her. Link could meet him at certain points in the game (for example at Windfall Island) and he could act as a funny "wanna-be-of-help" character but that could give Link viable info on certain occasions.




Another idea, I've had since childhood, is a game where Wario (instead of Bowser) abducts princess Peach and asks a ransom from Mario to set her free.




Over the years I've had a great number of ideas of how a game's story could improve and I think it's a great exercise to think "outside of the box" and in the process become a better writer yourself. So, I'm posting this topic as an "inspirational ground" where we can use existing stories and characters to learn the essential principles of writing. If anyone else has some ideas that he thinks would make for a(n) (more) interesting game, or has some feedback for ideas already posted, please set your mind free below.

#4919736 Write a story for this game concept

Posted by on 06 March 2012 - 05:45 AM

Ok, as I didn't really describe the universe i had in my head in my previous post I'd like to do it now:

The main character is a man around his 30s, who wakes up in the cabinet as described in the previous post. After a while he starts listening a monstrous whispering in his head telling him he's a murderer. He also has a kind of premonition knowing dangerous thing that will happen but moments before they actually happen. Something like a sense of deja vu. Trying to find out what's going on he starts following animals which seem to want to lead him somewhere (wolfs, deers, butterflies). After a while and while has gathered a lot of pieces of his story it is revealed that his wife was murdered. Denying to believe that he was the murderer and while the voice in his head has become almost constant a creature emitting a red-light aura appears and starts to haunt him. He gets away and now the voice is telling him to go to the tower. Although he has never listened to the voice before he decides to go and find out whatever is happening.

And that's all . Posted Image

#4919188 Write a story for this game concept

Posted by on 04 March 2012 - 10:11 AM

Ok let's give this another try.

The man opened his eyes. He didn't remember anything. He got up. He could feel anxiety. What was going on? Where was he? He looked around him. He was in a wooden cabinet. Outside was night. He looked down on himself. He had blood on his hands. Blood! What had happened? He saw a piece of wood lying around by the wall. He grabbed it and walked outside.

Total blackness around him, though he could see the red leaves of the trees. He started walking. Noises were heard from all sides of the forest. He was angry but he didn't know why. Why? Why was there blood on his hands and where was he?

Suddenly a crack was heard really close to him. He turned around and readied his weapon. Two giant glittering eyes were looking straight at him. He clenched his hands around the wood, ready to attack anything that came his way.

But then another crack was heard. A crack behind him. He turned on the side so he could see both his bullies. The glittering eyes got smaller and afraid. A wolf started crying and the cry slowly degraded until there was no more.

The man was still looking at the side of the second crack. Noone was there. Nothing. No human, no animal and no beast.

After a minute, that felt like an eternity, he decided to start walking again. What had happened? Why did the wolf leave and why didn't he remember anything? Again and again only one thing was on his mind: What is all this?

He didn't know. But he was gonna find out. And he was going to do it reather soon.

Ok, hope that's closer to what you're looking for.