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Ideas derived from existing games

17 August 2013 - 04:57 AM

So, this is part of a procedure I do quite often so I can learn the basics about writing a videogame story (I've come to call it "Story Testing"). The idea is mainly about taking the theme (meaning style, gameplay mechanics etc.) of a game and the story (which means characters, general story or even dialogues) and think about interesting ways of how you could tweak or improve these elements to make a better game (obviously this is very subjective and a good story can differ greatly from person to person). 




For example, I've been looking at some trailers for The Wind Waker HD (which will be released in October) and I've been thinking that a pretty cool character that's been missing from the game is the romance of Link's sister. I imagine him as a kind of a goofy guy (kid really) that after Link's sister has been taken he embarks on a journey of his own to save her. Link could meet him at certain points in the game (for example at Windfall Island) and he could act as a funny "wanna-be-of-help" character but that could give Link viable info on certain occasions.




Another idea, I've had since childhood, is a game where Wario (instead of Bowser) abducts princess Peach and asks a ransom from Mario to set her free.




Over the years I've had a great number of ideas of how a game's story could improve and I think it's a great exercise to think "outside of the box" and in the process become a better writer yourself. So, I'm posting this topic as an "inspirational ground" where we can use existing stories and characters to learn the essential principles of writing. If anyone else has some ideas that he thinks would make for a(n) (more) interesting game, or has some feedback for ideas already posted, please set your mind free below.

What made Super Metroid great?

08 March 2012 - 06:42 AM

Ok, so what I really want to do in my life is become a game designer. I learn programming and drawing so I can become a good designer. But the most important thing I do to be a good designer is, well, play games. Play lots of them and write down all the elements that I can find and whether I believe they are fun or not according to how I felt as I gamer when I first encountered them.

So I make this topic, with the first notes I've made and maybe some improvements I thought while playing that could make the game better. I create this topic as a gathered knowledge topic, meaning essentially, that i want your opinion and observations too about what you found great about Super Metroid's game design. Whether that's level design, game mechanics, story, atmosphere, whatever. Ok, so I begin:


+ Samus with the click of a button does an instant, quick movement that lets the player move in a different way in the environment (Jump).

+ The character has two morphs that essentially play the same. The only difference is that the player can go to particular places and interact differently with the environment with the second morph. (Morphball)

+ The character has special moves that allow him to search the environment so he can move on. Essentially trial and error without losing. (Character moves)

+ In many cases the player can see a path by where he could move on but if he doesn't have particular abilities he can't go there. (Backtracking)

+ Rooms have essentially two orientations. Vertical and horizontal. (Environment design)

+ Constant change between vertical and horizontal design to keep the feel and flow of exploring. (Flow)

+ The player is encouraged to search every inch of the rooms by being rewarded with new secret rooms or upgrades. (Game / Level design)
* Maybe there should be more indications that a reward is there to more secret places.

+ Enemies that at first were harmful become harmless as the game progresses. (Feeling of achievement, Flow)

+Enemies reward you for killing them, but not always. (Game design)

+ Most enemies take 2-3 hits to die and Samus can shout rather fast. (Flow)

+ Enemies that take more hits at the beginning of the game to kill take much more less as Samus upgrades her beams. (Feeling of achievement, Flow)

+ Occasionally different tactics or beams to kill an enemy. (Enemy design, Flow)

+ Environmental and Logic Puzzles. (Game design)
1. In most Environmental puzzles you seem to be stuck in a room and try to find a way to break through by scanning or searching the room for breakable blocks, invisible walls etc.
2. In most Logic puzzles an obstacle is or appears between you and the next room. You have to figure out a way to destroy the obstacle or preventing from appearing at all. In some cases go through the obstacle before it obscures your way (Speed Booster).


- Begin from save without full energy. Sometimes the player has too little energy and he has to kill enemies or find a refill room to be able to continue the game.

Personal thoughts / improvements

* Maybe there could be a scanning ability in the jump of Samus. For example if she jumps towards a wall, and there are breakable blocks, an instant change of sprites for these blocks could help the player find new routes. Exploration could be much more convenient.\

Ok, for the moment this is all I have written down. I will most surely add to these lists. Now if anyone else has observed something I didn't see he's more than welcome to point it out and I will add it to the list.

ideas for branch tree story program

07 March 2012 - 07:56 AM

Ok, so as I have said I'm making this text adventure game so I learn the basics of programming. After overcoming the problem of reading texts tat contain argument tags for the name, age, weight etc. of the character I know have another "problem".

I want to have brach story trees in the game meaning that if the player makes for example the A choice a story is described, if he makes a choice B another story unravels and so on. Right know I have a repeating code which I don't like very much wich chenges the "flag" of the file and I use the flag to read the corresponding document that;s in the file. Meaning something like this:

void branches (char c){

cout << l << l;

// Introduction

if (flag == "Introduction.txt" && c == 'a') { flag = "Intro A.txt"; }

else if (flag == "Introduction.txt" && c == 'b') { flag = "Intro B.txt"; }

// Rebels After Start

else if (flag == "Intro B.txt" && c == 'a') { NAME = "Aenaeas" flag = "Name - Ok.txt"; }

else if (flag == "Intro B.txt" && c == 'b') { flag = "Name - Noone.txt"; }

else if (flag == "Intro B.txt" && c == 'c') { getName(); flag = "Name - Ok.txt"; } 

// Rebels After Peblo

else if (flag == "Intro A.txt" && c == 'a') { flag = "House_Not.txt"; }

else if (flag == "Intro A.txt" && c == 'b') { flag = "Rebels_after_Peblo.txt"; }

else if (flag == "Intro A.txt" && c == 'c') { flag = "Saritonae_Not.txt"; }

else if (flag == "Intro A.txt" && c == 'd') { flag = "Limbordo_Not.txt"; }

else if (flag == "Intro A.txt" && c == 'e') { flag = "Gavrama_Not.txt"; }

else if (flag == "Intro A.txt" && c == 'f') { flag = "Castle_Not.txt"; }

// Exit
else { flag = "Exit"; }

  }////////////// branches

And this is just the first two choice inputs. Can anyone think of a clever system where I can kind of do the above process automated?

I really can't think of really smart way of naming the files and understand what they are about and also have an automated read system according to current and previous choices of the player. Is there such a way or should I just change the design of the game?

Replace part of string in C++

29 February 2012 - 03:39 AM

Ok, so I'm making this text adventure game so i can get into the logic of basic programming and then move on to 2D probably.

I have a misfortune though. At some point in the game the player can enter his name. So, from that point on I want the texts to have the player's name.

The thing is, to have a much simpler code and more freedom in creating the game, I read the texts from external texts files. That means I read each line of the file and then print it on the screen.

So what I thought is create a sequence of characters that I can read and replace them in the program.

So I came up with the "/NAME/" sequence. So, the player enters his name, "Nick" for example. The program should replace the "/NAME/" sequence with "Nick" and present the rest of the text normally.

So I wrote this code:

#include <iostream>
#include <cstdio>
#include <cstdlib>
#include <string>
#include <fstream>
#include <sstream>
using namespace std;

int main (){

string line;
char name[20];
fstream file;

cin >> name;



  line.replace(line.find("/N"),line.find("E/"), name ,6);
  //line.replace(19,1,1,'s'); Even with this line it crashes
  cout << line << '\n';



But the program keeps getting an out_of_range instance from the replace function. I've tried all iterations of string.replace and nothing works. Even if I replace a character with a character the program crashes.

Any help please?

Copyright infringement rules

24 February 2012 - 03:43 AM

Hello! This is my first post here. I am 22 and i just finished my University, I am an electronic engineer.

I want to become a game designer and I have created some games on Game Maker (advice to all who start game programming/design or ANYTHING game related -> do NOT use this program, COMPLETE waste of time), XNA and Flash.

In most of my games I use images and sounds/music I find on the net. Right now I want to start making real games so I have started creating a pure C++ text adventure game so I get the very basics of game programming and then move on (I've not programmed for nearly two years so I'm just getting warmed up). I am also making a Flash game and I want to create a Cry Engine 3 Zelda-themed level.

Because I saw another thread where someone asked if anyone is interested in making a TLoZ game and the thread was locked due to copyright issues with Nintendo, I want to ask:

If I make the two aforementioned games that are TLoZ related will I be able to upload them to my own personal website so If I apply for a job I can include the link to my website and the employer can see what I have done as experience?

It's considered as distributing and if so what should I change so they're not considered copyright violating?

For example the text - adventure game is called "The Legend of Zelda: Forgotten Myth" but almost ALL of the names in the game are mine (except for Zelda, Link, Impa and Gerudo Desert) so if i remove these names and rename the game "Zelda: Forgotten Myth" is the game legible for distributing the code (I would also like to ask some questions that's I why i want to post it here)?

Also, If I create the CE3 Zelda-themed level what assets should I not use? For example if the level is a Kakariko Village remake but I use all of my own characters and assets, will I be able to use the "outline" of the village as it is in the Ocarina of time?

Generally, what's the best way to avoid copyright infringement if you want to create famous games-related projects?

Thanks a lot.

PS: Ok, I read the FAQ, you can delete this.