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Maik Klein

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Game engine for low level tinkering

20 January 2013 - 11:23 PM

I am studying computer graphics with opengl and d3d and I am looking for a game engine that allows low level tinkering. For example I should be able to implement my own lighting solution.


I tested many engines and I know that I can create my own shaders in unity and udk. I also know that unity offers a good amount of shader access, someone recently implemented voxel based global illumination.


Do you know if the same thing is possible in UDK? I am not sure how far I can go with the material editor.


Maybe there are other quality game engines like unity or udk that allow low level programming?

What XNA really is

25 March 2012 - 01:23 PM


iam a proammer since ~ 2 years and i know c# java and lua and i want to create a game. I know there are plenty of "free" game engines out like unity ureal and cryengine3.

But I have a very special game idea in my head and i have plenty of time to realize this idea.

the problem is that i have to adjust my gameidea because some conecepts are not 100% implementable in the these 3 engines. What isnt a big problem.

i just found XNA. so what is xna?

i already know its a framework. but what does this mean ?
what is in the framework ? ( drawing , lightning , physics, ai ).

Are there limits , if yes what are these limits ?

I also read that its very complicated to create a 3d games , they said XNA should be only used for 2d games , is this statement true ?

what about the perfomance of this framework ?

is XNA capable of directx 9 , 10 or 11 ?

i know there are other frameworks like ... hmm ANX ( http://anxframework.codeplex.com/ ). what alternatives do i have ? And why should i use XNA

i know that are a buch of questions, but i couldnt find an answer to them.


Engine of choice

14 February 2012 - 12:47 PM

i want to start a game project as a programmer, but i dont know which engine i should use. I tried unity , udk and cryengine and i did a lot of research but i still cant decide.
My aim is a :
-Coop fps shooter
-random generated map ( interior only, connection of different rooms )
- i know csharp and java
- interior should have dark reflective surface like ( Secure.mycrysis.com )
my personal review of the engines
-familliar coding language , simillar to java but still a little bit strange.
- cant bake lightmaks into procedural objects, i need to do alot of workarounds in udk
- alot of tutorials and many tools
Unity :
- Very easy to learn, i can create scripts in csharp with mono
- lot of tutorials
-big community
- need to buy the pro version for realtime lighnting.
- realtime lightning , would fit extremly well in my project
- good and easy to use editor
- very hard to get into the coding stuff. dont know lua and c++, and the mono version is still in development.
- still in development , like no exporter
- very few coding examples
Which engine would you recommend me to use ( for my project and future projects ) ?