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Maik Klein

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Am I crazy for wanting to switch from Ue4 to Unity?

24 April 2015 - 05:29 PM

I am on the verge of finishing university and I haven't really made any projects even though I am programming almost every day.


3 moths ago I decided to start a project that I will actually finish. It will be a coop game. I started in Ue4 and I think it is a really great engine but my project is starting to get bigger and bigger and my iteration times are decreasing rapidly. I have around 140 files and my compile times are getting worse every day. A simple change in my Character.h will result in a 100 sec build time. I am already managing all my header files by myself and I decided not to use the unity build feature but it is still not great.


To be fair this is the worst scenario because my Character.h has 27 dependencies but it is also the file where I am currently spending the most time. All files are on an SSD. I really don't enjoy working on the project anymore.


I think I really want to move away from C++. I know that there is Mono for Ue4 but it doesn't seem to be a very active project. I think if I want something like C# or D in Ue4 I would have to maintain the bindings by myself and I am not sure if that is what I want to work on right now.


So I am thinking of switching to Unity. But Unity comes with its own problems. The built in networking seems to be very bad and Unity is actually working on a new networking implementation called "UNET" which is already available in the 5.1 beta. But the beta access is limited to pro users which cost $1500 or 12 month * $75 which is too heavy for a student just to get beta access. Then there is something called boltengine which seems pretty neat but it is maintained by one person and it is still in beta and costs $80. Overall Unity feels pretty bare bones compared to Ue4 but programming is actually pretty fun, everything compiles instantly and errors don't crash the editor (at least not yet).


I am not sure what I should do. Am I crazy for wanting to switch from Ue4 to Unity?

Game engine for low level tinkering

20 January 2013 - 11:23 PM

I am studying computer graphics with opengl and d3d and I am looking for a game engine that allows low level tinkering. For example I should be able to implement my own lighting solution.


I tested many engines and I know that I can create my own shaders in unity and udk. I also know that unity offers a good amount of shader access, someone recently implemented voxel based global illumination.


Do you know if the same thing is possible in UDK? I am not sure how far I can go with the material editor.


Maybe there are other quality game engines like unity or udk that allow low level programming?

What XNA really is

25 March 2012 - 01:23 PM


iam a proammer since ~ 2 years and i know c# java and lua and i want to create a game. I know there are plenty of "free" game engines out like unity ureal and cryengine3.

But I have a very special game idea in my head and i have plenty of time to realize this idea.

the problem is that i have to adjust my gameidea because some conecepts are not 100% implementable in the these 3 engines. What isnt a big problem.

i just found XNA. so what is xna?

i already know its a framework. but what does this mean ?
what is in the framework ? ( drawing , lightning , physics, ai ).

Are there limits , if yes what are these limits ?

I also read that its very complicated to create a 3d games , they said XNA should be only used for 2d games , is this statement true ?

what about the perfomance of this framework ?

is XNA capable of directx 9 , 10 or 11 ?

i know there are other frameworks like ... hmm ANX ( http://anxframework.codeplex.com/ ). what alternatives do i have ? And why should i use XNA

i know that are a buch of questions, but i couldnt find an answer to them.


Engine of choice

14 February 2012 - 12:47 PM

i want to start a game project as a programmer, but i dont know which engine i should use. I tried unity , udk and cryengine and i did a lot of research but i still cant decide.
My aim is a :
-Coop fps shooter
-random generated map ( interior only, connection of different rooms )
- i know csharp and java
- interior should have dark reflective surface like ( Secure.mycrysis.com )
my personal review of the engines
-familliar coding language , simillar to java but still a little bit strange.
- cant bake lightmaks into procedural objects, i need to do alot of workarounds in udk
- alot of tutorials and many tools
Unity :
- Very easy to learn, i can create scripts in csharp with mono
- lot of tutorials
-big community
- need to buy the pro version for realtime lighnting.
- realtime lightning , would fit extremly well in my project
- good and easy to use editor
- very hard to get into the coding stuff. dont know lua and c++, and the mono version is still in development.
- still in development , like no exporter
- very few coding examples
Which engine would you recommend me to use ( for my project and future projects ) ?