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Where is the line drawn for plagiarism?

03 August 2012 - 08:26 PM

I'm wondering where the line is drawn for plagiarism.

There are tons and tones of clones of other games, all the farms on facebook and mobile phones is the best example.
Every decent social games developer seem to have a farm game, some I've seen even have 2.

On the other hand clones of Tetris are being shut down because they use the same mechanics in their games.
Hasbro sent a cease and desist letter to the creator of a copy of the game Risk using the Google Maps API resulting in the game shutting down (couldn't find much information about it on Google).
And now EA sued Zynga for copying, and maybe even mocking The Sims Social.

While the last case is pretty obvious and I kind of hope EA wins, the other 2 examples aren't as obvious.
Sure they use the same game with the same rules, but should you be able to copyright game mechanics? Mino added new features to the game, and even though it looks and feels like Tetris, I wouldn't say it is Tetris. And Google Maps Risk takes the original Risk to a whole new level.

Should chessboard makers be able to sue other chessboard makers because they use black and white teams, on a black and white board, with the same rules of gameplay?

Where is the line drawn? Is every clone out there risking being sued and shut down?

RPG without classes.

31 March 2012 - 04:03 AM

Hi, I would like to get some feedback on this setup for an RPG. I have no team, and no intention of doing this game anytime soon.
This is strictly theoretical.

I will try to briefly explain how I would see a RPG without classes work.

Say that a player starts a character as level 1 human (or whatever races are implemented).
On this level he has a basic melee attack, nothing else. When reaching level 2, he gains 1 talent point.

This talent point will be used in a complicated talent tree, and how he chooses to spend these talents will define the "class" his character gets.
For example this first talent might be spent on the dark magic part of the talent tree (or melee if he prefers that).

Our hypothetical player chooses shadowbolt rank 1/10. This gives him a new spell to put on his actionbar. With appropriate damage to his level. And on rank 10 it will be end-game powerful.

Fast-forward to level 25, and our player kills his first boss in a dungeon. This boss drops a staff, requiring 20 talents spent on shadow (he has spent 25).
This staff comes with a new awesome shadow spell, giving our player another spell to put on his actionbar.

In the end-game there would be sets of equipement that reward awesome spells if complete.

Another way to gain spells would be looting scrolls/parchments and completing long quest-chains. But the first quest would require a certain amount of talents to be spent.

Maybe even implement extremely rare spells that seriously benefits you, imagine the feeling when looting a spell that only 2-3 other players on the server have.

Building the class system like this has many benefits, the primary one being variation in player spells, and thus a bigger variation in playstyles.
I feel the current games are too monotone in their classes, taking WoW in comparison, you are either a firemage using fireball scorch and fireblast, or you are a frost mage, spamming frostbolts etc.

It would also give a deeper feeling of building your character through quests, dungeons and equipment grinding in the end-game since you gain more than just extra health and bonus damage, you gain abilities you wouldn't have otherwise.

While this might not be everyones cup of tea I would really like to play a game with this mechanic (if it is implemented in any current or old game please let me know).

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this? Would you like to see this in a game? Do you have any improvements?

Positions available in armies?

28 March 2012 - 08:42 AM

What are the basic positions available in modern armies that could be implemented in games?
I'm thinking of stuff like artillery, medic, sniper and so on. Anyone want to list the basics possible to use in a strategy game?

Also a short description of the occupation would be appreciated, since I'm not familiar with military and defense stuff.

Looking for the name of an old game.

25 March 2012 - 04:48 PM

The game I'm thinking of was made for the earliest windows versions.

Gameplay: Spaceships came down from the top of the screen, and to shoot them you had to type a word on the screen.

Could anyone help me find the name of this game?

Adding suspense in games.

20 March 2012 - 10:09 AM

Hi, I would like to get some inspiration for adding suspense in games.
Sure the most obvious parts like environment and music loops do alot, but I would like to make it more interactive than that.

Actions that trigger suspense, like a zombie breaking the wood floor and coming after you if you trigger it.

How has this been done in the past? Do you have any good example where you got scared or surprised in games?