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Features for an Island Survival Game

17 February 2012 - 10:48 AM

I'm currently working on a Game Design outline for a Island Survival Game. I already came up with a lot of features that I'd like to see in a game, but now i want to know what you guys would want to have in it.
  • What would you want your character to be able to do? What kind of Items do you think should you be able to use/create?
  • Would you like to see other intelligent life on the island, or do you want to be really alone?
  • What core stats would you like to manage? (Classic examples would be hunger & thirst)
  • What activities would you like to engage in? (examples: crafting, hunting, fishing, farming)
  • What do you NOT want to see in a game like this? Maybe you played a similar game and something about it really annoyed you.
  • What kind of threats for the player do you think would be possible, apart from dying of thirst and hunger?
  • Any other suggestions for features you'd love to see?

Thanks, i really appreciate your help!