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need some feedback on a new simulator game

17 February 2012 - 09:51 PM

For those hardcore games that know almost or all games out there on each video game system, I have one question for you. What category of games are game systems like ps3 and xbox lacking greatly in? Answer: simulation; and I don't mean war game simulation games like call of duty or Gears of War. I mean a game that greatly resembles modern society/technology, like Flight Simulator. That's where my idea comes in. How would you feel if you were driving super realistic police cars/cars with functions of real life cars? (Ex: wipes, lights, engine start up etc.) My game's name? "Patrol". Yet that name may change due to the fact that the name sounds a bit corny. I have many reasons why I think this game can succeed, but one of those reasons is because it would be one of the only simulator games on the [PSN & XboX market]. This is only a start to the total idea, but it would take up to 3-4 full pages just to describe the (Body) of the games design. But quickly, the basic idea is that your a cadet in the Fairgorge Police Department. You can patrol, get yourself into wild police chases, shoot outs and just be a normal cop. What makes this idea better? It would require a drivers side car interior "addon" to the game system. It would be a police car with a little computer right on the right side of the driver. What would it do? It won't let you do complicated stuff, but it would control lights and sirens of the police car. All in all, if you cut out the drivers seat of a police car, attached a game console, you would [have] this game. So, please tell me any positive or negative things regarding the games story board or its way of being a simulator. Thanks.