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Robsut C++ bound scripting language

12 August 2012 - 05:17 AM


I am now looking for a good scripting language to use within C++ which will replace the current one (luabind).

Now I will explain why I want to change luabind.
First I like the lua syntax, and the fact it is quite easy to interface it with my development. It is also appreciable to use a scripting language widly adopted in the world.
But I am now fed up with it for these reasons: each time there's a new version of luabind I have many problems with my development: compilation issues, linking issues and running issues (segmentation fault, not running...). For example the last time I could plainly use my program (which uses luabind) was on april. All the next releases I had broken things (out of my concern). It is also worth to add that there are other bad points with using luabind. One of them is that it is not that easy to write object-oriented scripts with it (for example I often have to use temporary variables between commands so that the script works). But I can live with that.

I know there are other C++ bounds from lua (cf http://lua-users.org...indingCodeToLua) but I would like to avoid to have to try them all, mainly if I will encounter the same experiment than I did with luabind.

What I am looking for should not necessary binds the lua language. I am also opened to python. However my last attempt to use python was a disaster, mainly because of the bjam thing which I didn't succeed to make it work (if you know how to manage this, feel free to propose python).

So, to resume this all, I am looking for a good program (library for example) that can easily interface with a scripting language like lua or python, and offers object oriented capabilities (I want to be able to easily use my C++ objects inside the scripts). And most importantly, I want something that won't be broken each times there's an update (I use Linux/Debian Testing, so updates could happen quite frequently), and something I can easily, and bug-freely migrate to other Linux, Windows (and later Apple) machines without having harms because of incompabilities due to versions/systems...

I hope you could help me find the rare pearl.

Thanks for the read.