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Diablo 3

02 June 2012 - 02:40 AM

So, I've been on hiatus for a bit, but I'm back! Currently in the process of making 2 games with a group of friends too! Anyways, I wanted to know what you all thought of the writing in Diablo 3. It has been under a lot of criticism lately and I was wondering what your opinions were.

Personally, I feel like a company as large as Blizzard should have been able to do much much better than this. There were cut scenes that I actually cringed during because of how terribly cheesy and poorly written they were. Nevermind the fact that every bit of the story was spoon fed to the player and left nothing up to our imaginations, like we are all illiterate idiots that can't grasp anything that is vague in any way. Also, glazing over the most important and interesting parts of the story by mediocre, poorly written, in-game cut scenes. I felt extremely disappointed, especially since I've been a huge fan of this franchise ever since Diablo came out years and years and years ago.

But what do you all think?

Mass Effect 3 Ending

20 March 2012 - 04:14 PM

There is a lot of grief going on about it. Your opinion?

Post-Modern Society story I'm writing

20 February 2012 - 12:17 PM

I am in the process of working on a couple game ideas and I was hoping to get a little feedback on this one. I'm pretty new at writing for video games, but I am extremely excited about the process and trying to get into the industry (I am a recent, jobless, graduate, from Art School). Anyways, this is my first post, this is one of my first video game concepts, and if I could get some feedback or criticism on it, that would be amazing! Thanks!


"Locked in a small apartment, just my 80 year old father and me, a 24 year old college graduate that decided to make it in the big city. Now, we're trapped in this shitty little 4th floor apartment with no hopes of escape. Society has collapsed, bandits are roaming the streets, and we are forced to hide. My father complains about how he is holding me back and that I will die because of him. I've caught him trying to take my gun a couple times, so he could kill himself. At night, I sit by the front door to guard it, not honestly thinking I'll be able to if someone comes. Sometimes I can hear him crying from the bedroom. I know what he's thinking about; I miss mom too. Some days I go scavenging for supplies, leaving him in the apartment on his own and I try to ignore my fears of returning to find him dead. Staying alert while sneaking around a city is hard enough when you're malnourished and sleep deprived. Why do we do this? Is living in this hell really worth what we're going through? No, but giving up is not an option either. We've got to do the best we can to survive, wait for a rescue, and see mom again."

Game-type: Sandbox RPG; I want the vast majority of decisions to fall on the player in order to immerse themselves as much into the role of the son as possible. This is meant to be a very emotionally deep storyline that is hard to handle, so the more the player is immersed into the situation, the better.

Plot: The main character is tasked with keeping his elderly father alive and safe during a post-government society. Every decision made is one that is extremely emotionally difficult for the main character. Every aspect of surviving in desolate city should be taken into consideration (barricading the door and windows, scavenging for supplies, getting rest, making weapons, etc.).

Mechanics: I want every decision made to be something that could not work, so there is always a chance of failure. (Example: If you decide to go scavenging for supplies across the city you could be gone for a while and by the time you return the secondary character could be dead, completely changing the direction that the game would take.) Outside of this, there should be a sense of resourcefulness that comes into play, such as breaking down a table to use the legs as clubs or something to that effect. Also, I want the characters' story to come through as the game is played, instead of putting all the cards on the table at the beginning. So, as you move through the storyline you chose, you learn some things and don't learn others as they come up in a more natural fashion, through events and conversations.

Combat style: Dependant on how the player wants to handle situations. There could be opportunities for guns, but there may be limited ammo and they may attract a lot of unwanted attention. This is where scavenging through other apartments, breaking chairs or tables, etc. comes in to make melee weapons. There is also the possibility for hand-to-hand combat, when weapons aren't accessible.

Setting: A large city. I would prefer it stay unnamed to get away from cultural ties that are attached to each city. Something large and New York/Philly-esque. However, the majority of the game would be played from the inside of this one old brick apartment building. Old peeling wall-paper, wooden steps, thick wooden doors, fire escapes, the works.

Main character: Mid-to-early 20s, fresh out of school and into the city. I'm trying to keep everything very neutral right now and stay away from race, sexual orientation, etc., so I can focus on the core elements and a solid foundation, for now. A vague description of him would probably be; 6 ft tall, 160-170 lbs, possible short beard or scruff, no tattoos, piercings, or anything that is overtly noticeable.

Secondary character: Late 70s - 80 years old man that is fairly feeble. I see him as a man that has a hard time moving around a lot and possibly has heart or lung issues. General description would probably be; 5'6 ft tall, 150-160 lbs, bald spot, mustache or beginning of a beard.

Enemy characters: Tattered clothed people of all types, from full grown men to small children. Some are travelers that may or may not be trusted, some are obvious bandits with guns and bulletproof vests. This category is fairly predictable as far as the equipment carried. One thing that I would like to be different about them is that they have plans that are carried out. Such as, searching through all the buildings down one street, then moving a block over. May have a large truck or something they drive around to carry off supplies and such.

Allied characters: I would eventually like there to be a chance where bands of x-military or cops come through to disband bandits and such. This could be a limited chance for rescue that the player would have to knowingly search and wait for. They would be in tattered versions of their uniforms with bulletproof vests, guns, possibly in military vehicles or cop cars.


The first paragraph is a short, introduction, foundation I'm trying to use. I know it seems kind of thrown together, but I'm trying to have any narration of the story come from the main character and seem as sleep deprived rambling (not a cop-out, I swear). I'm pulling my inspiration from The Road, but with opposite character roles and without the romanticized narration.

If there are any questions or concerns, I'm more than happy to answer or reply to them! Otherwise, any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated!