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In Topic: Putting yourself in the game design....

25 April 2012 - 01:47 PM


I guess it kind of depends on the game you are making. If the game is trying to tell a convincing story such elements might be out of place.

One thing that also comes to mind is the movie The Life Aquatics with Steve Zissou. Perhaps you can make the game character be aware that he/she/it is in a game and let it talk about specific things: "Ha, this hill is blocking my view, I bet the designers didn't want me to see what is behind it yet to up the suspense!" or stuff like that.

I think this is a fun thing to think about, how you could handle such things without disrupting the suspension of disbelief if you still want to make a compelling story or anything, certainly not impossible, but might be challenging. I guess this is why some developers also add a developer commentary version of the game with their title to show how they did things though.

Totally, this would kill your suspension of disbelief in most normal gameplay, as it would in a normal film. But what if a designer made a puzzle for you to solve that they themselves didnt know the specific outcome and it would be based off of decisions you made, letting the game developer actually tell you why he made you do what he did, to get the response he got out of you. I suppose the 'developer' could in this case be switched with a 'character who is creating a puzzle for you' and there wouldnt be anything special.....

I would advise avoiding it, since by placing yourself in the story you run the risk of stealing the show or focusing on yourself. A big ego can derail a story or make a character come off as a douche, and, no offense, but based on your model-esque picture my guess is you have a big ego.

I always stick to using facets of personalities rather than inserting the whole person into the game to avoid that problem, since cognitive dissonance can be a bitch (I have a huge ego). This way I run less a risk of minimizing or glossing over the character's flaws.

Just a thought.

Well, its just a discussion idea, I try not to offend with my picture.

I don't think he has a big ego because of his picture. It's more professional than most pictures on this website.


Closest example I can think of is Lord British in the Ultima series. But that's more like putting a developer's role playing character into a game than having the developer in the game as himself. Personally, I'm not so sure that I'd want an in game character or a voice over explaining to me that I can't cross the river because it's actually the at the extent of the array that holds the tile map. Or even that the rescuing of a particular character is an allegory for something or other which gives the game a whole deeper meaning. I'd rather recognize those things on my own.

Yes, but it would lead to interesting challenges in design, it reminds me of a scene In Mulholland Drive where you are watching a scene presented as part of the movie, until cameras slowly pulls back and you realize that you're in a tv studio. The deception Lynch pulls with the camera work makes the audience feel uneasy that the camera is telling them the whole truth about the scene, thus uneasy about what the director wants them to perceive, in a way, putting him in the film...

In Topic: Obsession with Dreaming

19 April 2012 - 10:35 AM

Tim Schafer's Psychonauts is, in a way, based on dreaming, except that someone else is entering into another mind, without control over that mind, making it a very subconscious, dreamlike, experience...

What would be awesome to see would be a game that is a little more 'Nightmare on Elm Street' based. Where the main character has to embattle daemons in his own mind that maybe enter through an external source... Think of all you could do with the worlds! (and the music!!)

Brady Hearn

In Topic: Starting your career as a composer-sound designer (FAQ and answers)

30 March 2012 - 09:28 AM

Thanks so much Nate, I took care of the autoplay issue and went over to a Soundcloud widget, which is nice because it isnt flash, so people can play my reels with ipads and iphones. Im not sure if they have a volume control on soundcloud, but thats a good idea too, since Ive been limiting my music to -0.1 dB, so it does come off as fairly loud. Also, over the past 2 weeks Ive had access to Lawrence Manchester's (howard shore's mixer) studio, so Ive taken the opportunity to to bounce every stem from my reel and remix in his studio after-hours, its made a big difference because I could actually hear clearly, both the high and low ends.

Thanks again Nate!



In Topic: Creating SFX

27 February 2012 - 06:25 PM

Thank you, this is very useful! Although I've been working on music and sound design for years, the one element Im never completely confident on is creating SFX, its a whole other world. If anyones worked with foley artist, you know how crazy they're jobs are, and how detailed their work is(i.e. filename: Stiletto_on_gravel_Left_V1, Stiletto_on_gravel_RightV7)

Brady Hearn

In Topic: Starting your career as a composer-sound designer (FAQ and answers)

22 February 2012 - 03:18 PM

Thanks Nathan, thats all great advice, Im glad we have people like you on this board. I've been working on the 'getting my stuff out there' part lately to good success, if you have a sec, let me know what you think of my presentation www.bradyhearn.com

Thanks again!