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Putting yourself in the game design....

19 April 2012 - 10:47 AM

Im curious, has anyone ever come to the question of whether they should put themselves into a game, or even had to make that choice?

When Im working with film directors, especially with more documentary type films, but even other genres, there is always an absolute decision made on day one whether the filmmaker will be included in the film or not. For example with film, you can be asking questions to a subject(s) and only use their answers(edited answers) as the narration to the film and never show that you are directly involved. For example in game design, you could be narrating about why you are making the gameplay go in a certain direction and why you are doing what you are doing to the game player.

This may all seem a little pointless, but I am curious if it has ever been thought of this deeper than I can think of it.


Brady Hearn